My I-lash Extensions Salon Eyelash Extension Experience

I just can’t wait to tell you how happy I am with my new eye lashes! I just got them today from I-lash Extensions Salon after attending my second parent teacher conference at my daughters school the Center for Intervention and Developmental Foundation.Thanks to Jennie of Marriage and Beyond for informing me about this wonderful painless procedure!
I know it’s premature to celebrate but I already see the big difference.

Before I-lash After I-lash

Now, I am free from using mascara that smears when I cry or rub my eyes accidentally. Now, I am free from eye lash curlers that sometimes hurt my eyes when I accidentally squeeze my eyelids with it! And I think I am breaking free of my ever loyal kikay friend the eyeliner to make my eyes bigger. Thanks to my new curled, longer and thicker eyelashes from I-lash Extensions Salon!
I got the Natural Extensions (Short) for P800 (thanks to my sponsor) it took them 2 hours to get my lashes done because according to Mylene I have thick lashes, usually it only takes 1 and a half hour. It’s painless! I even fall asleep while having the procedure!

There was another lady who went in while I was having my treatment and she got the Fine extensions for P500. She said she want to see the difference first before upgrading to the natural or even the Mascara Effect which is about P1000-1250. There is also the Full Thick extensions for P1500 and the Colored Lashes extensions (blue, brown or violet) for P2000. There are three lengths available short, medium, and long.

Mylene told me not to get my lashes wet for at least 12 hours so the glue will dry completely. Don’t worry they will give you a printed after treatment guideline to make sure you get the best of your new lashes. She also said in case my extensions stick together after taking a bath all I need is a toothpick to put them back in place.

I should come back for maintenance after two or three weeks, a retouch to maintain my lashes for years. But if don’t want to have a retouch then I can let them shed off and that will happen after three to four weeks.

Where to get it?
I got mine at the SM Megamall Branch at the 5th floor just near the Megatrade Hall B near the toilet area. But they also have branches at Greenhills San Juan at the 2nd Floor of the Greenlanes Arcade; at the Goldcrest in Glorietta 1 Lower Level in Makati; they also have provincial branches both at Iloilo in Robinsons Place and the Iznart Iloilo; and their main branch in Baguio at the Porta Vafa Mall in Session Road.

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  1. NICE! I tried having eyelash extension but I can’t stand the tingling feeling of the glue they’re using. It irritates my eye. Kaya hanggang perm lang ako 🙁

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