A Fun Belo Beauty Bloggers Night

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A Fun Belo Beauty Bloggers Night

Enhanced or real?

I’m sure you’ve seen this billboard all over EDSA.  It stars the beautiful and witty DJ Angelicopter showing off her assets.  Well, she’s not hiding unlike other celebrities out there, she got her breast enhanced to look real, she got a breast augmentation at Belo and proud of it.

Angelicopter was one of guests invited to talk about her personal breast augmentation experience at the First Belo Beauty Bloggers Night with Dra. Vicky G. Belo.   She was so bubbly,  very well informed and happy about the result that she got almost all of us to try the procedure ourselves.   Dr. Caparas was the one who did her operation and he have handled more than 500 breast augmentation patients already!  Woot!


Dra. Vicky Belo was there to tell how different they do breast augmentation at Belo Medical Group.  Compared to others, they put the implants under the muscles under the breast and not on the skin or inject silicone to it.

Basically, this is how the implants look and feel like, its bigger or smaller depending on the size suited for you.  Yes, they don’t recommend you going to big like Pamela Anderson, they will recommend the size that is proportion to your built.

Watch the video!

The event was very intimate, fun and informative.  We talked about boobs and other beautification procedures and get to talk about about the celebrities who got the boob job and who got it done badly!

Mike Lim of Fashion Pulis already blogged about a very popular young actress and endorser of many products who got a very bad boob job lately that looked like “duck ball pins” according to Angelicopter!

A very bad pic with Angelicopter (promise will update when I get clear photos from Dorothy )

Finally after a lot of hits and miss encounters, I met Cecille Van Straten a.k.a Chuvaness personally, and we were team mates at the Belo Beauty Bloggers pop-quiz game too with the towering beauty Reg Rodriguez of Hey Rocketgirl (who will soon be a Bello endorser? :))    Cecille teased  Dra. Bello and Hayden Kho a lot with our answers to the pop quiz!


Kryz Uy and Camille Co was seated across me when I came and they consulted Dra. Belo about some treatment they might want to try in the near future. Shen of Shen’s Addiction was also there and was absorbing everything.



Hayden hosted the pop-quiz game and the prize was a cute piggy bank “saving for my lipo!”


The beautiful Belo Marketing arms


Dra. Vicky and Hayden were so sweet with each other, they even flaunted their engagement ring and told us that we can blog about it.  I wonder when is the Belo and Kho wedding date ? I love people who are in love, I love weddings!


Watch this video , sweet!


With regards to Belo Medical Group treatments you can get a free no commitment consultation with Dra. Belo herself by calling 819-BELO or send your inquiries about the procedure at info@belomed.com .  To get updated about the latest at Belo follow them at twitter @belobeauty or like Belo Medical Group on Facebook or read more at their webpage www.belomed.com .

I might try one or two of Belo’s beautification procedure or treatment who knows!

How about you, have you ever considered enhancing parts of your body to make the best version of yourself?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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