Born Fashionable?

Do you believe that fashionable people are born with it or they evolve through countless hit and miss fashion statements and experimentation? I think its the later. I believe nobody was really born with it but we adapt as we grow. Even fashion icons will show you their picture in high school wearing their horrendous prom dresses that were either borrowed from their moms or granny’s.

I wish I had internet when I was in high school so I don’t have to look at my high school pics and laugh at how funny I and my classmates looked with our “haute couture” ( kukurtinahin lol”) prom dress . I swear you’d laugh.

Good thing after high school and I was more exposed to the outside world I get to see what is in and what is not when it comes to fashion. Now I know where to shop for trendy clothes. My fashion sense evolved as I get to watch the Fashion TV on cable and browse a lot of fashion sites on the internet.

I think my best friend trusted my fashion instinct and so they asked me to design our Bridesmaid Dresses. It was better than before, there was no comparison at all, except for the color. The dress was so good that we were able to wear it in two weddings with just a little modification.

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  1. I agree human are born fashionable. But what makes the different is the era of the fashion.

    60’s is different with 80’s.

    And fashion becomes more unique noawdays.

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