Time Out of Time Axis Art and Time Exhibit

Going beyond the trends, Axis showcased how they are timepieces of self expression and style by partnering with artists to create unique expressions of time.

Axis launched an art exhibit entitled “Time Out of Time” last November 12. 2014 at SM Malt of Asia.

Axis Time Out of Time Art Pieces
The exhibit featured the works of recognized artists Ram Mallari, Buds Convocar and Salvador Ching. The pieces are a collection of mixed media works that incorporate Axis watches.

Aside for being art pieces a greater meaning is given to this partnership of art and time as the art works are intended for charity the works will be sold through a bidding process and the proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hour.

Axis watches

Axis has a wide range of coltection further grouped into dress, street and pairs. It boasts of all stainless steel material and Japan Movement. Axis watches are value for money, with price ranging from Php2,-400 to Php5,700.

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