What’s Your Toughest Fashion Story?

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What’s Your Toughest Fashion Story?

If Cinderella’s Prince Charming had a hard time finding the right feet to fit the shoe, I have the opposite finding the right shoe that fits.  You see  I have a size 4 feet, sometimes a 4 1/2 and when I get lucky I will fit in a 5.  It’s tough but that is life, what does not kill you will make you stronger.

That was my toughest fashion experience that I have to face my entire life and what I shared with the group of fashion and beauty bloggers on our tea/pizza party at Greenwich.  Thanks Lace, Tough and  Andi Manzano for acknowledging my toughest fashion dilemma that made me win the Tough Jeans worth P4,000!  Yay! (I’m gonna shop for my new pair of jeans next week I’m so excited and for sure I’ll blog about it.)

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Each of us shared a tough fashion experience. Khaz was about wearing white the whole time he was in med school, it was tough for him because he can’t actually let the fashionista in him show.  Anna’s problem started after giving birth and gaining weight, it was hard for her to loose weight to fit in the old clothes.

Rochelle had to walk in air for having the heels of her stilettos snap.  Dhon had to travel to another continent to get the fashion accessory to complete the skater look he was aiming for.

Onin had to shake his nerve if he wants to take a shot of a celebrity he spotted wearing a fabulous outfit he want to feature in his blog.  Lace had to brace signal  number 8 in HongKong just to get that LV.

Diana had to save her allowance to get the clothes and other fashion accessories she wanted since is still a student.  While Edelweiza had to brace Divisoria alone to get that wig for their 60’s themed costume party.  Had she known about this fancy dress site she wouldn’t have to go alone in a crowded market. All she has to do is browse and find the perfect outfit that matches the look she want for the party.

But of course all ended well for all of us.  I know I can’t get the shoe I want if they don’t have the smallest of the smallest size available, see I’m a size 4 or 4 1/2 and if I’m lucky I’m a 5.  I know I have to walk disappointed about not getting that wonderful shoes on display.  But one day soon, I’ll have my shoes customized!  Khaz recommended a place that does that and that would be heaven!

How about you? What is your toughest fashion dilemma or experience?  Care to share?

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  1. I guess that will have to be wearing pants. I’m always in walking shorts. The few times I have to wear long pants I find it uncomfortable. Heat. Itchy. Makes me want to go home and change. Pretty boring stuff huh?

    The good thing is there’s no dress code in blogging, while blogging I mean. “,)

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