Fun Friday With Fashion And Beauty Bloggers

Thank God for Fridays indeed my week was capped with a fun and fashionable night with awesome Manila fashion and beauty bloggers.  Thanks to Lace Llanora of for organizing this more than just a pizza party.  Thanks to Greenwich for the scrumptious food, to Statworks, Tough Jeansmith, Ipanema and QTV Channel 11.

Thank you Andi Manzano, who selected my Toughest Fashion experience that made me won a Tough Jeans worth P4,000!  Andi, is the  host of QTV’s QTube, where this event will be aired  soon,  when, not so sure probably next Thursday, I’ll advice you folks about the showing so you can see how fun and crazy we were that night.  Everything was unexpected but a very much welcomed surprise.


A special thanks for the other nine Manila fashion and beauty bloggers I met today, Khaz, Anna, Diana, Dhon and Diana, Onin, Rochelle and Edelweissa.  I’ll post about this event some more later on for now I leave you with these fun pics and then Sign Up for Stable Interest if you have more time to spare.

Fashion and Beauty Bloggers with Andi Manzano at GreenwichAndi Manzano holding the Tough Jeans I won!Andi ManzanoPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
PhotobucketGreenwich Marketing ManagerPhotobucket


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