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PC SoftwareWould you settle for a cheap imitation or recopy of a software?  Honestly I tried using pirated software for my PC before and just after a couple of months using it my PC crashed and all my data stored in it were lost and never to be recovered again.   That software was not mine by the way I borrowed it from my cousin because I was desperate to use my PC and I don’t think P4,000 is unjustifiable for a piece of software.   He said it was original but then again he said he bought it from some shop at the flea market.  If you want to make sure you’ll get the real thing Buy PC Software at reputable PC shops and stores.

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  1. I am using Norton before. When I buy a notebook , it is pre-install in it , I heared that it is good , but when I use it , Hm… it is not so fast , using lots of resource. And , I find a good one , named : kingsoft internet security , it is very fast , I like it , and except the Antivirus , also have PC optimization , maybe people can try it , I download from :

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