4 Reasons Why WeChat Can Help Jumpstart Your Love Life

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4 Reasons Why WeChat Can Help Jumpstart Your Love Life

Happy Valentine’s Week my loves! Have you noticed that almost everything is available online these days? From food, to pets, gadget, skincare, love. Yes, love! Love is easier to find online! Contrary to the decade old belief, did you know that relationships that started online leads to a happier more enduring marriage? This is according to this article based on a study they did in Chicago.

With that said, which platform should you use in this quest for love?

I suggest you try out something fun and new like WeChat!

Here are 4 reason why:

WeChat lets you air out your emotions

Valentine’s is that day of the year which can be as exciting or harrowing as you allow it to be. Of course, because WeChat would rather have you go with the former, you can count on its voice messaging feature to send out sweet, personal notes minus the tension and jitters. You can even go further by compiling audio recordings of love tracks and present it as a special playlist. Plus point: Recipients can save these audio recordings to WeChat’s Favorite Messages feature and replay it whenever they please.

WeChat helps you keep moments on record

It’s true that creative juices flow freely during this endorphin-bound day of love. Why else would streets and structures be decked out with hand-painted postcards and paper hearts? Don’t miss out as WeChat lets you get your craft on with its video recording feature, which allows you to capture and deliver every creative stunt that you can think of. For a more real-time approach, opt to use WeChat’s video call and reach your loved ones wherever they are.

WeChat takes the ordinary up a notch

What else can shoot people with affection better than the words “I love you”? Bring in more weight to this statement when you say it over WeChat, which makes smartphone screens rain with roses every time it gets keyed in. Not only is it more economic, it’s also more accessible and surprising than a real bunch.

WeChat adds up to your list of surprises

Update your roll of to-dos for Valentine’s as WeChat brews up a Facebook activity especially for the season. Simply snap a photo with your loved one coupled with a note which explains why he/she is the Valentine of your eye and post it to WeChat’s Facebook page. The team will choose the best entry and will grant the winner a special gift-fitting to let the warmth of love melt into the occasion.

Valentine's Day promo screenshot
So, if you want to feel the love tonight just in time for Valentine’s you should download and use WeChat now!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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