Flippin’ Flip-Flops

One of my favorite footwear is flip flops. They are so comfortable and light. They were ignored before and was just a common footwear around the house and was sold at P20 a pair in the local marketplace but now flip flops have come a long way. I never anticipated that I will ever buy a flip flop as expensive as P1,700! Anyway here are my three favorite flippin’ flip flops
Celine Flip-flops

This I got from Celine and it only cost P99!  Yeah! There are 5 different colors available orange, pink, blue, green and black.  I got this one because it’s the only one with my size available (boo). Anyway still looks nice.  The rubber used is so light and durable and the design on the foot bed is not lead and does not scratch off.Havainas Metallic Gold Flip Flops

This one I got free from the Rockwell, PowerPlant Mall.  It’s a metalic gold Havaianas flip flop and it’s sold for P725.  I got a size 33-34 but I think it’s still too fat for my thin and tiny feet.  Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Sandals

This is the most expensive flip flop/sandals I ever got for myself.  An Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection that is sold for P1,695 almost P1,700!  It’s very nice and light and the design is so unique.  What made it expensive is the fact that it’s a designer sandals and that it’s from Brazil and that part of the sales will be sent to Florestas do Futuro – A SOS Mata Atlantica Program to help save the forest and recover deforested or endangered areas of the Atlantic Forest.  Learn more about it at www.florestasdotufuturo.org.br and www.sosma.org.br.

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  1. hi there!

    i love you ipanema sandals.

    i was wondering if you could please tell me where i can get one for my upcoming birthday?

    thanks very much!

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