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Deerma DX700 vs Deerma CM800 Deerma CM1900 or both and why? Best vacuum cleaner should you get

Deerma vacuum cleaners have taken over Filipino homes since the pandemic.  Why not, it’s cheap and it works to keep our home clean! I know because I was one of those who purchased the Deerma brand just because I saw it being talked about on home improvement and enthusiast groups on Facebook. The Deerma DX700 […]

Fashion Shopping

4 Reasons Why It’s Better to Buy Vintage

Vintage jewelry is all the rage at the minute, and there’s plenty of good reason for it. If you’re interested in getting some vintage jewelry but you need some convincing, or maybe if you’ve recently inherited some vintage jewelry and you’re curious – here are 4 reasons why it’s better to buy vintage. Let’s check […]


Amazon Global Selling Kicks Off with First Online Seller Summit in the Philippines Attracting 2,000 Registration

Amazon Global Selling held its first-ever Online Seller Summit in the Philippines last February 18-19. with more than 2,000 registrants. The 2-day virtual conference sought to provide long-term educational support for Filipino SMEs who are looking to sell on Amazon, building on Amazon’s current initiatives such as the online seller education series, Seller University, and over […]

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