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You blog and you enjoy it. You use buy and use products and you have your opinion if you like it or not. You visit places and can give a good review about it. Either way you write your experiences in your blog and you can tell to your friends and readers if you recommend it or not why not make money out of things you are doing regularly, blogging, dining out, traveling,  shopping, living.

Here is a local advertorial services site I recommend for everyone to try Blog4Reviews. I love it. Pay is sent through Paypal and is sent every two weeks.  You don’t worry about tracking codes they don’t put have that so you don’t need to worry if it will conflict with your current advertorial blogging platform. Join me now!

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  1. bes, i like this stuff and im eager to learn… just teach me the easiest way. ok, thanks take care.

  2. Hi Lizz, I was just approved last Friday. Their pay-out is every two weeks so we will see. So far I have no complaints.

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