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I am very much impressed with companies and personalities in the country who acknowledge the power of internet, particularly blogs to create a buzz about them.  It appears to me that the once who were skeptic about this kind of marketing strategy are now embracing the fact that it actually works.

I am pleased to see how they trust in the power the blogs and summons blog owners to test their products or services and hopefully blog positively about their experience so that they could gain more customers and clients.

This just debunked the belief of someone from a very young internet advertising company here in the Philippines I met who thinks the market will get saturated by frequently doing events and eventually the market/clients they want to capture will no longer want to do such events.   First of all online marketing and advertising is all about creating the presence in the internet a “strategy used to market a product or service online, such as search engine optimization, website design, online promotion”   Obviously she is very much contained in the four corners of her office and is still clinging to the old school traditional media advertising principles.

I think she needs to open her eyes, do more research and learn from an experienced Internet Marketing Agency who knows what they are doing like the Pepperjam they are the leading full-service internet marketing agency in the U.S. who knows about  search-engine marketing, affiliate marketing and online media planning and management.

Pepperjam Media provides robust, performance-driven, online media planning and buying solutions. Using a combination of advanced tracking, reporting, and analytics technology, Pepperjam designs and delivers the highest converting creatives for maximum return-on-investment (ROI).

I know that is her concern so don’t be shy and click on their link you will learn a trick or two.  You can use the strategies they use to improve “your” company.

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