Report Discourteous Drivers To LTFRB

I don’t own a car and I don’t know how to drive either. I don’t plan to own one too while I still live here in Manila, the traffic and the undisciplined drivers is something I could not bear as a commuter what more if I am the one behind the wheels.

I’ve been in to many public utility vehicles (PUVs), cabs or jeepneys and the most annoying that could ever happen is when the cab you are in suddenly stopped in the middle of the highway and it’s virtually impossible for you to get a ride.

This happens because the careless drivers and even their operators don’t check their auto parts if they are still in good condition or not. Because of their desire to save and get more income they rather let the passenger suffer, which is not so right.

If this happens to you, you can report them to LTFRB at 09214487777 and have that driver’s license suspended and the operators license revoked.

But do they really want this and place their livelihood in the drain? Of course not. As a common courtesy to passengers they better invest on their business and buy auto parts that will help the performance of their PUVs like this discounted diesel turbocharger. After all cab riders are always in a hurry so they choose this more expensive means of transportation rather than the common FX , bus or MRT.

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