Princess of the Stars Captain Takes All the Blame

Photos courtesy of Philippine Coast Guard

It’s easy to put the blame on a dead man than run after the people who are alive and has bigger liabilities that caused the ill-faith of the sunken MV Princess of the Stars.

The Board of Marine Inquiry (BMI) released the result of their investigation about the cause of the accident yesterday pinning the blame on the still missing captain of the ship.

“The carrier failed to be extra diligent in transporting its passengers safely to its destination,” Philippine Coast Guard commandant Vice Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo said in affirming the BMI findings.

However, they stressed that their investigation was only “limited” on the “cause of accident” during a sea tragedy, and it cannot conclude on the possible liabilities of the Coast Guard, Maritime Industry Authority (Marina), and the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa).

So are they gonna let these government agencies off the hook when they are in-fact responsible too? I hope not.

Anyway, Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierez earlier told the BMI that she would like to have a copy of the report they were doing as so she can also conduct a separate investigation to see the liabilities of the government agencies.

Also I would like to highlight that it was not just the Princess of the Stars that sunk during the height of the typhoon Frank but a cargo ship from another company.

Sulpicio Lines, owner of the sunken ferry just got a go signal to fully operate again on Monday after several strict conditions to be followed.

The ill-fated vessel left Manila Friday night at the height of typhoon “Frank.” It slammed into the wrath of “Frank” in the vicinity of Sibuyan Island while on its way to Cebu in the morning of June 21.
At the time of the incident, Princess was carrying more than 800 passengers and crew. Sulpicio Lines said 32 survived the tragedy while 312 bodies were recovered so far.

Retrieval operations were halted following the discovery of the endosulfan cargo. Salvaging operation is set in September.
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