The Search For The Trendy Handbag

The recession has highly influenced designers and fashion stylist lately and instead of putting too much regard on the fabric or the piece of clothing most would now invest on accessorizing.   Accessories would include a wide range of items, from shoes, belts, jewelries, scarves and yes handbags.

I almost bought a P5,300 worth of handbag from Guess yesterday.  Thank God to that half-Chinese girl who sneaked the bag away from me while I was chasing my daughter on the store.   I feel sad for not being able to get that pretty brown Guess bag. I  even sound so pathetic when I kept asking the sales lady if they still have a stock of the same item.  Instead  she presented me with the white and the black one.

The inner shopaholic girl in me wanted to throw a tantrums immediately and scream “I don’t want that white and black, I want that brown! That bag is mine!”  And I am so imagining myself pulling the hair of that girl for taking that bag away from me.

Anyway, it’s all gone, she paid for it and I was left walking around the store looking for the second best.  But nope nothing caught my fancy than that one and so I left the store empty handed.  I walked around the mall trying to find  different or better option but I can’t get that Guess bag off my head.

I went online and look for the latest handbag trends for 2009 to see if that design was actually in style for this year.  It appears that it was in their 2008 collection so its kinda old.  That is my consolation I guess.

The trends for this season is very much from highly practical huge totes to tiny eccentric clutches for evening wear.  Handbags in all colors imaginable – beige, white, black, metallic, gold, violet, orange, green, blue, etc. – will be extremely popular this season.

Huge HandbagsMedium Sized Handbags For 2009Handbags for 2009Bag TrendsClutches

I found this nice NineWest handbag at and I fell in love with it.  I am waiting for the reply of the seller from it’s contact advertiser form and also waiting for the sellers reply from the cellphone number she posted with the ad.  It looks so nice and the color is perfect.  I heard citrus/orange/mustard is one of the in color for this year.  This bag is a winner.  It’s sold for P4,500 but the price is negotiable according to the ad.Nine West Bag In Citrus

I found some other nice items at  from their marketplace where you can customize your search.  You can either look for the cheapest items or items with images or see the most recent items posted.   What’s great about this site is you can also search for items you want to buy depending on the region you are in.  They have so many items for sale in there and I heard they also accept free advertising of items you want to sell.  I saw some nice items starting bid is P1.  Gosh I think I will be addicted to this site.

I hope the seller will reply soon.  This handbag will look great on me!

Boooo!  As I type this post ready for publishing the advertiser told me that the item was just sold.  Boooo!  I guess my search for that trendy handbag is still on.

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