judyannryanwed4I am not a Judy Ann Santos fan but after reading a Plurk from someone at Team Yehey!  I immediately got curious and excited at the same time that I just have to click the link.  I wanted to know the details and that was enough to say that it was the most stirring story in Stir.ph. It was about Judy Ann and Ryan tied the knot at 7am today.    The details were so raw that the writer was not able to verify the exact location where the wedding took place.  I felt like I was one of those privileged ones to know some important  details like who were at that wedding and stuff even if the details were short and sweet.

The timing worked very well for the couple I believe.  I remember a month before this wedding there were rumors spreading that Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo are getting married soon all of a sudden Lactacid came out with a commercial showing Judy Ann in her wedding gown where she said “She will only say I do with the one she deserves”.  Same thing goes for her Magic Sarap commercial where she was displaying her engagement ring in the commercial and everyone ignored.

I salute the couple for pulling-off  this secret wedding and for getting the wedding of their dreams.  I can only imagine what the couple did to make everyone who was a part of the preparations mum about it.   I also salute Stir.ph for keeping me posted on the hottest showbiz insider news.  If I remember it correctly they were also the first one to talk about an alleged Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili sex video scandal.

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