Why Buy When I Can Rent Me A Handbag

Every girly woman in the world would like to have as many handbag as they could handle.  If we could have a bag a day that would be great.  But of course its crunch time.  We all need to save in order to survive in these trying times.  Instead of buying that wonderful designer bag from that wonderful high-end mall you just visited you’d rather close your eyes and wait until you are able to pay your bills and all other financial responsibilities.

Some would try to save every pay period or wait until their Santa Claus come to get them that handbag of their dreams.  One designer handbag would be enough to satisfy and as much as we want to use it everyday to show the world you can afford a designer bag you don’t want to to get worn and torn easily.  So instead of using them as often as you would you just use it on special occasions.

What if I tell you that you can have all the designer handbag you want and use it as often as you wish?  You don’t even have to buy all you have to do is rent it!

Yes, handbags, ahem, designer handbags are now for rent online.  You can use any designer bag for as low as $11 a week to as high as $100 a week depending on the brand and the design and the quality of the handbag.  There are brand new items for rent and there are those that are for rent so some will have some minor scratch or marks for being stored with other handbags.

Fendi Handbag For Rent

Coach Handbag For RentThere are three sites that I visited but among them only one site offers international shipping. All are payable through credit card so don’t attempt to keep the handbag for yourself or you will have to pay for it every month until you return the item

1) RentMeAHandbag.com (offers international shipping)

2) FashionHire.com

3) BagBorroworsteal.com

Gucci Bag For Rent Here is how ordering looks like.  First choose a handbag then view the details. There is option to rent or to buy the item.  The product details is there and you can also see other similar items you might like.

They have all the designer labels you want, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vitton, Kate Spade,  Tory Burch,  Furla, Coach, Isabella Fiore, Burberry, Balenciaga,  Prada, Rebecca Minkoff, Bradgley Mischka and more!  Other even offer eyeglasses, jewelries, clothes and shoes for rent.   This is a real cool deal for the recessionista fashionista in all of us.

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  1. Wow how cool can this be. If you have an important event to go to you can probably rent a designer bag for a week and use it as often as you could.

  2. @ Fashionkraaziness if you have lots of extra money to buy one for yourself by all means buy one for yourself. Anyway there are options here to buy the bag if you really really like it.

    I think this is ideal for those who can’t actually afford to spend huge amount at one time deal only. This is very practical I think you can use as many handbags as you want and switch to one designer bag to another all the time and not get stuck with one designer bag alone.

  3. If you only need a handbag for one occasion, renting would be ideal. But, if you are an admirer of designer handbags and will use one frequently, you should definitely purchase one. They are a representation of your personality and fashion sense. The trick is to buy a bag that is versatile and can be used frequently and often.

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