50% Price Cut Off On 72 Medicines

My mom has hypertension and having heard that some  hypertension medicines is included on the medicines that will have a 50% price cut is a welcomed moved.  Although the list of the 72 medicines that will have a voluntary price cut of 50% starting August 15, 2009 has yet to be released by the Department of Health (DOH).  I am hoping that the brand my mom is using is included.

Aside from hypertension medicines, medicines for diabetes, influenza, hypercholesterolemia, cancer, arthritis, goiter, allergies, and infections are included on the list that will have a price cut soon.

Here are the medicines on the Voluntary Price Reduction List:
Medicines Voluntary Price Reduction List page 1
Medicines Voluntary Price Reduction List page 2
Medicines Voluntary Price Reduction List page 3

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  1. This really great news. With this post you will help the poor people to not to worry the price of medicines because it is 50 percent discounted. This kind of governance will really help those people who are needy.

  2. Yeah I think so alam mo naman yang presidente nyo magaling magpaikot ng tao.

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