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The timing of my blog breakdown was very much a bad timing since I will not have much time to update my blog because it will be a very busy July for me because:
1) it’s my father’s 1st year death anniversary;
2) my older sister is coming home for a vacation;
3) we will be moving out soon.

I wish that aside from property management Maxim Enterprises also do blog management or some sort so this blog will still be updated and that I will able to post my back backlogs which compose of 2 movie reviews, 2 product reviews, events and of course my making money online.

I’ve lost more than a hundred dollar since this blog crashed and I think I won’t be able to make-up for it this month. Sigh.

Anyway, like I said God is always good because he have rewarded me with so much things that having this blog offline for a couple of days means nothing.

Nuffnang Philippines President Eric Ramirez personally apologized to me for the bad treatment their staff did to me and for all the inconvenience they caused. He also apologized for their not so perfect system yet since they are just a new blog advertising company. He personally supervised the transfer of the money they owe me because my blog served their ads before. He also asked to give them a chance again and that I stop with my bickering.

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