A Fabric Conditioner And Mosquito Repellant In One

I’m such an avid user of Downy products.  I’ve been using this product since they first came here in the Philippinesat present I use their latest innovation the eco-friendly fabric conditioner Downy Isang Banlaw, it helps heaps in saving gallons of water.   But it looks like I’m gonna be a fan of one of their fabric conditioner, the Downy Antibac.

It seems it’s not just an anti bacterial fabric conditioner but is also an effective tool in warding off mosquitoes.  Yes, the efficacy of Downy Antibac in repelling mosquitoes was discovered in studies done by 4 independent institutions around Asia including the Philippine Association of Entomologist.


How? Studies show that mosquitoes are drawn to the smell of sweat.  Downy Antibac contains a unique fragrance system and antibacterial ingridient that helps fight the smell of sweat by preventing the growth of malodor causing germs, making you less attractive to mosquito.

In fact, third party research studies conducted in japan, China, Thailand and the Philippines showed that Downy Antibac lessens mosquito landing incidences on clothes by at least 33% — making it a great addition to your anti mosquito arsenal.

There was a live testing of the product.  A box full of laboratory breed mosquitoes was shown to us and two pieces of fabric one was treated with Downy Antibac the other was not.  It showed that there are less mosquito landing in the treated than the other.  Like the treated got 28 mosquitoes while the untreated got more than 60 mosquitoes.

This is great news for mommies aside from keeping the clothes fresh and smelling during the rainy seasons we can also protect our family from the deadly dengue mosquito. What a great product!

Thanks to Yehey for this Downy Antibac event and for Procter and Gamble (P&G) for this awesome products to keep mommies happy!

1) A set of mosquito repellents


  • Downy Antibac
  • Off Lotion
  • Raid Mosquito Spray
  • Baygon Mosquito Coil
  • Baygon Electric Mosquito Repellent Starter Kit
  • Baygon Electric Mosquito Repellent Refill

and 2) And a set of beauty and home products


  • Pantene Pro-V Glossy Shine Shampoo
  • Pantene Pro-V Glossy Shine Conditioner
  • Olay Clarity Fresh Cleanser
  • Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  • Safeguard Summer Fresh Tipid Pack
  • Joy Ultra
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  1. wow, this is really great, I also saw it on TV. I haven’t tried this downy, is it really effective?

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