Zac Efron Day Penshoppe Fan Conference at MOA Arena

I did not expect how Zac Efron fans are so fanatic! MOA Arena is packed! I love the DJ spinning some dance music for everyone! Meet and Greet Winners are being drawn from the audience based on their ticket numbers! People are very enthusiastic! Each time the speaker talks everyone screams! Crazy!
I am.with Azrael and Vinvin btw and we can’t wait for the show to start!

zac efron day penshoppe
2012-09-29 19.29.47 MOA arena Zac Efron.Day Zac Efron Penshope Fan Conference stage at MOA Arena
It is exactly 7:47PM AND THE SHOW HAS NOT STARTED YET. Will update post later. Meanwhile, the DJ is announcing 60 meet and greet winners again! 100 people will meet Zac face to face!

So, the show started at 8PM with some dancers doing the opening number followed by the La Diva, Never the Strangers, Jay-R and some pep-squad. Sorry wasn’t paying much attention as I was so excited for Zac Efron to come out! Each number by the way, represented each of the Penshoppe All Stars.

zac efron day penshoppe
Mr. Alex Mendoza
The Pep-squad

zac efron day penshoppe
Out came Zac Efron!

zac efron day penshoppe

zac efron day penshoppe

A lucky one got a kiss from Zac in the audience by the way!

Then a one-on-one interview with Boy Abunda who I think was a bit floating in air because he went stoopid with him with some of the quick questions ! Good thing Zac was really really nice and smart and cute and sweet! Who care about Boy!

zac efron day penshoppe

zac efron day penshoppe

zac efron day penshoppeGosh @ZacEfron you are soooo cute!
Here’s a video clip of Zac Efron interview where he said he prefers spicy food, black than white, coffee, smart than pretty etc.! Watch!

At the end of the show he was suppose to meet 100 fans at the back stage but as per Zac’s tweet his security guards ushered him out in a jiffy! But with what I’ve seen earlier the fans enjoyed the Zac Efron day and vice-versa.

Oh well, I am delighted to see him in person, as much as I am not a fan, he is very charming. He will be 24 in October 18 by the way.

How about you, were you there at the Penshoppe Fan Conference with Zac Efron at the MOA Arena? Did you enjoyed?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. i was there. the pepsquad was UP pepsquad they are amazing. and zach is really handsome. lucky teen girls who gets to kiss and hug him.

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