Emerging Influential Blog Contest Winner

As promised, I will announce the winner for my blog contest Do You Think Your Blog Is Influential? as soon as my blog gets fixed.  I did the draw today and here are the result.
influential blog contest winner
Winners are:
First Prize:       Dinah
2nd Prize:         Maureen
Consolation:   Jenah Isle

Please send me an e-mail or comment on this post to claim your winnings. Prize not claim in 30 days will be forfeited.

I will work on my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 soon. Meanwhile this was the update on the nomination.

Out of 16 voters, the following got more than one mentions:

Dear Bloggery with 7 mentions
Let’s Go Sago, The Strugging Blogger 168, and Writing To Exhale got 5 mentions

Barrio Siete, Dare To Speak Out, and The Accidental Teacher got 4 mentions

Zorlone, Father Blogger dot com, Boy Kuripot, Style and Relax, Adaphobic got 3 mentions

The Thirsty Blogger, The Mommy Journey, Make or Break, From the Bottom of my Hypothalamus, Tales from the Mom Side, Animetrics World, Patay Gutom.com, Hay! Men and Good Times Manila got 2 mentions.

There were 73 new blogs mentioned and since the 2nd contest update 13 new blogs were added to the list from the list from the 1st contest update.

62) Home Buddies
63) Random WAHM Thoughts
64) Sweet Nothings
65) Blog Appetite
66) Jologs Na Yuppie
67) Smart Mommy
68) Mom’s Special Diary
69) Sweet Nothings
70) Officially Chosen Faith
71) I am Noble
72) Make or Break
73) The Mommy Journey


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