Update On Earthlingorgeous Search For Emerging Influential Blogs

My Blog Rocks shirtToday is the 5th day of Do You Think Your Blog Is Influential? contest I launched and I must say thank you to everyone who already nominated and help Earthlingorgeous discover emerging influential blogs.  Prize for contest is this My Blog Rocks shirt among others.To date there were 53 blogs mentioned from 9 bloggers. 

Let’s Go Sago and The Accidental Teacher both got 4 nominations.  Boy Kuripot and Adaphobic got 3 nominations.  While From the Bottom Of My Hypothalamus, Zorlone, Dear Bloggery, Hay! Men!Father Blogger Dot Com, Style and Relax, Animetric’s World got 2 nominations each.  The rest were mentioned once.

If you want to nominate a blog please go HERE to cast your nominations.

Here is the rest of the list:

1) Insights From The Demigoddess
2) From the Bottom Of My Hypothalamus – 2 nominations
3) Amiable Amy
4) Caring Is Not Only Sharing
5) My Random Thoughts
6) Spices Of Life
7) Rose Obstacles and Glories
8 ) My Written Expressions
9) Bloggies Wonderland
10) A Cricket In A Garden
11) The Struggling Blogger
12) Zorlone –  2 nominations
13) Writing To Exhale
14) Life Lots
15) Father Blogger Dot Com – 2 nominations
16) Dear Bloggery –   2 nominations
17) Life of a Teenage Writer
18 )  I Love-Hate America
19) Tales From The Mom Side
20) SEOWright.com
21) Boy Kuripot –  3 nominations
22)  The Beauty Coach
23)  Let’s Go Sago –  4 nominations
24) Style and Relax –  2 nominations
25) Filipino Mom Blog
26)  The Thirsty Blogger
27) The Accidental Teacher –  4 nominations
28 )  Adaphobic –  3 nominations
29)  Animetric’s World –  2 nominations
30) Delamar’s Brain Farts
31) Gelli Victor
32) Pop Music That Matters
33) I like Anything Green
34) Timothy’s Corner Window
35) The Simple Yet Complex World Of The Collector
36) Mrs. SuperGift
37) Losman’s Blog
38 ) As Random As It Gets
39) Sparty and Friends
40) Patay Gutom
41) Pinay Ads
42) The Filipino Mom Blog
43) OFW Para sa Pamilya
44) Gain Smiles. Find a Hundred and Plus Reasons To Smile
45) Project Fit
46) Bario Siete
47) Nortehanon
48 ) Millionaire Acts
49) Hay! Men! – 2 nominations
50) Foreclosed Real Estate Philippines
51) Litratong Pinoy
52) Good Times Manila
53) On the Coffin Rock

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