Bloggers Are Freeloaders?

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Bloggers Are Freeloaders?

You are kidding right? Some anonymous person posted a comment on my Update On Nuffnang Incident and mentioned something I find amusing, that bloggers are freeloaders.

Whoever this person was, I think he or she is someone who was affected by that incident. But the way the comment was delivered I am sure I am not mistaken.

Anyway, regarding his or her thinking about bloggers being freeloaders, I think you don’t know what you are talking about.

Here are just some of the reasons why bloggers are not freeloaders:
1) Bloggers pay for electricity for using the computer.
2) If they don’t have a computer or internet at home they pay for the internet rental at an internet cafe.
3) They exert time and effort taking care of their blogs when doing their post, fixing their template, etc.
4) Paid post or sponsored post bloggers spent sleepless nights waiting to grab a sponsored post to make an income out of their blogs.
5) Bloggers may be getting perks from attending blog events but that doesn’t mean they are freeloading since they also invested time by going to that event and whatever needed to go to an event (transpo etc.)
6) Those who have domains pay for their domain and webhost. A domain is $10 a year while a web host, for someone with a good traffic, spends at least $10 a month.
7) They pay for their monthly internet service provider.

Ergo, bloggers are not freeloaders as they are also paying bills and spend time and money maintaining their blogs. Although we appear like we are just having fun, which we are, or in my case I am having fun because I am doing what I love. But to say that I am as a blogger is a freeloader is unfair.

Advertisers pay me to post their ads or write a sponsored post. The freebies I get from the blog events from the PR agencies or companies are just a token of gratitude for attending their event and hopefully post about their event. Which in my case I do post because what’s the use attending that event if I don’t intend posting about it. I don’t go to an event I don’t intend writing about FYI.

Bloggers are now acknowledge as the new media and as a media a powerful tool of information and or entertainment. I’ve met so many people from huge companies acknowledging this fact. If bloggers are not essential why are they tapping us to promote or write about them, so think about that.

Some bloggers do not realize this yet because some blog for personal reasons, an avenue to rant and write about their daily things or anything important in their life or just to make use of their creative side.

The winners of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggs of 2009 can attest to the fact that blogging is a serious business and it ain’t a freeloading thing:

  1. Writing to Exhale
  2. Patay Gutom
  3. The Struggling Blogger
  4. Zorlone
  5. Father Blogger dot Com
  6. Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0
  7. Tales from the Mom Side
  8. Adaphobic
  9. Lakwatsero
  10. Let’s Go Sago!

These are the bloggers chosen by fellow bloggers with votes of more than 50 each.   They are new blogs that their fellow bloggers think are emerging influential blogs because of their content.

Whoever wants to disagree with me may do so, I will approve your comments, if you don’t post as anonymous otherwise, I will edit and or remove your comments. Thank you. Peace!

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19 thoughts on “Bloggers Are Freeloaders?

  1. i think the person who said bloggers are freeloaders is not a blogger him/herself. probably one of the people required to attend an event and observed that bloggers are getting all the credit. probably a loner who just waits for his salary and wonders why he cannot get the same perks bloggers receive. i agree with you that bloggers are now the new people PR agencies are looking for because people like you know how to use the internet to “influence” other people. maintaining a blogsite is a difficult thing, plus all the expenses needed to get it going. i bet he doesn’t even know people like john chow, etc. and how they earn through their sites….
    .-= lemuel´s last blog ..My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 =-.

  2. @Elmot awww thanks ahahaha freebie? magpapacontest ako para may freebie lolz

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