Reasons To Be Pretty

How many beauty products do you use?  Have you ever thought why do you have to use all these stuff?  It’s because of our need to look pretty.   But have you though why do we have to look pretty?

Personally I want to be pretty because weather we like it or not people tend to judge you based on your appearance.  But of course I know myself better and we all know better that beauty is skin deep.

Incidentally, if I had the chance to watch Broadway Shows, Reasons to be Pretty is one on my list.  It’s a romance comedy emphasizing on how some women are too obsessed with their looks while men are trying so hard to please their woman with some major slips of their tongue when their women do too much.   The play introduces us to Greg who adores his girlfriend Steph so much despite the little imperfections she have.  Nobody’s perfect anyway.  But this is where the problem starts when Greg casually mentions Steph’s imperfections all hell breaks loose.

Another show I would like to see is Hair, The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical Winner Best Revival of A Musical in Tony Awards.  I would definitely love to see how they remak all the oldies song that merit their award.  If only I could get Broadway tickets and watch all of them.  Or better yet get some discount tickets to these awesome Broadway shows.

I would like to see Superior Donuts  too, a comedy-drama set Chicago’s most diverse communities which explores the challenges of embracing the past and the redemptive power of friendship.

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