Fusio-Dose by Kerastase

The concept of the “customization” finds its ultimate expression when transposed into the world of hair care. The woman of today demands effective and exclusive solutions for her hair’s needs, delivering visible and lasting results.

Ever since its creation in 1964, Kérastase has proven its commitment to offering targeted solutions for every hair problem. In fact, women often have, not one, but multiple needs and they don’t want a compromise…their dry hair can be also weakened, lacking shine and losing the intensity of colour. Thinning hair needs more than just a densification effect.


Today Kérastase pushes the boundaries of professional hair care and opens the doors to the salon of the future with the release of Fusio-Dose. Hair calls for treatment not only of its principal needs, but also for an extra requirement, which is unique to each individual case. Taking care of both aspects is what makes all the difference in achieving healthy, beautiful hair.

Fusio-Dose turns the salon into a high-tech laboratory and initiates a new era of personalized hair care. Highly concentrated on active ingredients, Fusio-Dose allows the hairdresser to propose a customized formula for each client, a perfect alchemy for a made-to-measure result. With four expert diagnostic steps aimed at determining the dryness, colour sensitization, strength, and density of the hair, the hairdresser analyses the client’s primary and secondary needs of the hair so as to offer in-depth treatment.

After diagnosis, the most suitable monodose concentrate is selected, along with the intensifying booster that corresponds to each type of hair. The resultant fusion is exclusive and custom-made, ensuring sublime results and immediate effects. The shot of efficacy fills the hair with beauty.

Kérastase puts the very best of L’Oréal technologies into the hands of hairdressers. 4 powerful technologies (monodose concentrates) in professional formulas which can be fused with up to two of the 4 active ingredients (boosters) in highly concentrated doses to obtain multiple combinations: only one created for every need.

According to Kérastase Media Advocate, Laura Charlton of David’s Salon, “the ability to customize the treatment right in front of the client is very innovative and truly acknowledges the fact that men and women have multiple hair concerns.”

As a universal hair care solution, Fusio-Dose can be used in addition to any salon service offering an instant beauty result. Using in-salon diagnosis tools, your hairdresser can prescribe a special Fusio-Dose program for you to address the multiple needs of your hair.

A 30-minute Fusio-Dose Ritual starts at P1,500.

I can’t wait to have my treatment soon, I’m schedule to have mine on November 17, 2011 and I can’t wait to tell you how it works.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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    I’m looking forward on you post and I’ll wait for it.

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