What To Do With Broken Jewelry And Scrap Gold

Don’t you just hate it when a piece of your earrings gets lost after a night out or a day shopping?  It’s frustrating especially with the thought that you can no longer wear that pair.  It happes to you ever so often that you already accumulated a number of earings with missing pairs.

What are you going to do with them?  Stare at them until one day the missing pair will appear out of nowhere or throw them all away? No! Not just yet you can still make use of them.

One thing you can do is either have it custom made as a new piece of jewelry.  You can have them turned into a nice pendant or a charm bracelet.

However, finding a good jewelrer to do this is hard, especially here in the Philippines where most of the jewelry store won’t take your jewelry for repair or cleaning unless it was bought from them.  And even before you can have them cleaned or repaired you still need to provide the receipt as proof that you got it from them.   But if you are lucky a jewelrer from Binondo might be able to do the custom jewelry for you but I’m not that 100% sure.

Another thing you can do is sell them. Yes, there is someone out there that buys scrap gold or broken jewelry and here is just a site that gives good information on  how to sell gold online. Only CashforGold type sites exist to buy your scrap gold and other used and unwanted jewelries. Visit Cash4Gold’s profile to know more about their services.

They have information on how you can sell your scrap gold and know the content of your gold jewelry from 10k to 24k so you can price them right.   Their article on knowing the price of your gold is very interesting.

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