Philips x Nancy Lumen Healthy Choices, Delicious Results Easy Recipe Cookbook

First-time cooks fret not when it comes to preparing delicious, nutritious food for themselves, family or friends as Philips collaborated with Ms. Nancy Lumen to create a cookbook made specially for home chefs or wannabe chefs.

Philips x Nancy Lumen Cookbook
The Healthy Choices, Delicious Results Easy Recipe by Nancy Lumen demonstrates how quick and easy it is to prepared delicious and healthy home meals can be with the help of Philips Kitchen Appliances like the Philips Digital Airfryer, Philips Electric Pressure Cooker and the Philips Juicer among others.

Philips x Nancy Lumen Cookbook
Wholesome, healthy, Delicious recipes personally prepared by Ms. Lumen are in the cookbook, in fact she even demonstrated some of them during the launch held at the Epicurious in EDSA Shangrila Mall yesterday.

Philips x Nancy Lumen Cookbook
Ms. Lumen showed us how First-time cookers can make great tasting dishes. In fact Jonel Uy who never ever cooks was able to make a taste and crunchy Lechong Kawali using the Philips Airfryer.

Nancy Lumen Jonel Uy Philips Airfryer
The Philips Airfryer uses a patented Rapid Air Technology that let’s home chefs prepare fried recipes with up to 80% less fat because you don’t need oil to fry with it. You can also use it for roasting, grilling and baking!

No-bake chicken pastel recipe
She also demonstrated how to make a no bake Chicken Pastel, mayonnaise and crunchy Chicken Adobo Flakes.

All the recipes for the above demonstration are in the Philips x Nancy Lumen cookbook and the cookbook is given away as a free gift for customers who purchases Php5,000.00 worth of Philips Home Living Products starting August 1,2015.

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Shocks I want that Philips Airfryer!  Can you believe how you can do fry dishes without needing cooking oil at all!

Stay gorgeous  eeveryone! 


  1. Thanks for this Recipe I would Love to Cook this because i am health concisions that’s Why

  2. This is amazing review I love to cook and know its lot of benefits.Thank you for your post.

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