How Was Singapore?

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How Was Singapore?

A few weeks ago a number of Filipino blogger friends were flown to Singapore to witness the first Asian Blog Awards, they stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.  Based on the photos they published they looked like they had a great time especially with the free  accommodations and breakfast during they stay.

I was just wondering if the service provided to them by the hotel staff and the restaurants they went to were as picture perfect as I perceived it to be?  If it was I think the good experience they have is worth sharing. But if it wasn’t then people should be forewarned.

Are You Being Served? is a website where people all over the world can share their Singapore customer service experience whether it be good or bad. The site aims to expose everything good or bad about this country so help them improve in any way they can.

Was food really expensive in Singapore? Was the country as clean as they said it was? How was the transportation service there? Were there any rude drivers? Did you purchase a gadget that got broken days after? Share it, they will gladly publish your stories.

However, if you do not want your name or photos to be shown in this site, you can ask their “squad members” to check out the places you visited so they can experience first hand whatever kind of customer service you had. Or you can suggest a certain customer service scenario on a specific place and see how the staff reacts so they can blog about it.

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