Psychic Festival @ Eastwood City Walk 2

I’m off to my way to the Psychic Festival at Eastwood City Walk 2 today. The festival started yesterday October 25, 2009 and will end on October 30, 2009. Readings will start from 6PM to 10PM. If you are going today then I will see you around. Don’t forget to say hi when you see me. I don’t bite. Hahaha!

I’m such a New Age fan, I am very much interested in spiritual explorations like mystical traditions like witchcraft, Wicca, Hinduism and Buddhism.

New Age belief is best characterized as spiritual exploration. It unlike most of the world’s religions is a relatively new faith. At first glance, it is similar to Wicca, Hinduism, and Buddhism. It is about seeking a spiritual journey like Hindus and Buddhists. They are similarities in that there are mystical traditions taken from world religions and pagan faiths such as Wiccan. Like these religions, New Age is a flexible belief. It is not a monotheistic religion based on strict codes like Christianity or Islam. Nor are the boundaries strict as in Christianity and Islam. Rather, what I mean by flexible belief is that believers have different paths and different beliefs based on the teachings that they believe and their own experiences.”

“Because of its flexibility, trying to pin down the basics of the religion is very difficult unlike with Islam or Christianity. However, there are a few beliefs common to New Agers. They believe that all humanity and life are interconnected and that God is one name for energy that we are participating in. There is also a belief in spiritual guides that we must be open to such as angels. There is also a correlation between New Age Belief and Humanism in that the Human Mind is capable of overcoming physical reality.In other words, we create our own reality. We are capable of our own destiny. We have a purpose and we must know what our purpose is. We have a lot of lessons to learn on this planet while we are yet alive. But death is not the end. There is a belief in reincarnation, a process of being reborn. Life is a cycle and death is a part of life that teaches us. We are subject to spiritual laws, such as the law of cause and effect.”

I know that no one has the capacity to predict what will exactly happen in the future but I like these kind of readings as they serve as a warning / heads up. It’s also fun to hear nice things that will come your way as most psychic readers will only say what you want to hear and will not tell you the bad stuff. I like to focus my energy and belief on the positive readings, it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy a mantra I have to repeat over and over again until it’s fulfilled.

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