Vanita Luxury Lingerie & Swimwear Manila Bloggers Fashion Show

House of Vanita makers of Vanita Luxury Lingerie and Swimwear from Italy held an  special fashion show with select bloggers as their model. The show, entitled La Vanita Vita was fabulous running with a theme of Italian Cinema.

Blogger friends Hannah Vilassis  a.k.a. Flair Candy and Alex Lapa a.ka. The Reluctant Stylista were two of the seven bloggers who bravely strut the House of Vanita runway in lovely lingerie and swim suit.  The others were  Helga Weber of  Ditz Revolution; Henzel Gapay of Henzel Loves to Smile;  Aby Valentos and Shanna de Guzman .

These bloggers were selected to be the model for the night as they represents  the different facets of the Filipina who wears Vanita.

I salute these blogger ladies who bravely walked the ramp at the House of Vanita Lingerie Fashion Show.  They are all equally hot and oozing with sex appeal and confidence which I don’t think I can muster!  I would have been there or the pretty fashionista blogger Bestie Konisis of The Capricious Club if not for our fear of walking in front of many in our underwear! aaaaaaack!

with Bessy @ the House of Vanita
Bestie and I loving those comfortable and unique stools made of rattan or bamboo and some soft padding inside on steel frame. It conforms with the shape of your butt! Luv it!

Without further ado, on with the show!

The models came in clad in black robe holding a mask giving an air of mystery to their identities . Aside from Alex and Hannah I was clueless who else will be bravely modelling!
La Vanita Vita House of Vanita Show

Identities revealed one by one they came out wearing the Vanita Donna Collection.
House of Vanita Lingerie Show
L-R: Hannah, Alex, Shannah, Helga, Henzel, Aby and Vicky

The Vanita Fiore Collection
House of Vanita Lingerie Show
L-R: Hannah, Alex, Shanna, Aby, Henzel and Vicky

The Vanita Blu Collection
House of Vanita Blogger Lingerie Show
L-R: Hannah, Alex, Vicky, Shannah, Henzel and Aby

And my personal favorite The Vanita Corset/Bustier Collection

Hannah in Vanita Corset

Buy what Hannah is wearing the Luna Bustier .

Alex in Vanita Corset

Buy what Alexandra is wearing the Caprice Bustier .

House of Vanita Corset

House of Vanity Corset

Buy what Vicky is wearing the Isabella Bustier .  Buy what Aby is wearing the Rafaella Bustier.  Buy what Helga is wearing the Sposa Bustier.

The fun and playful finale!
playful House of Vanita blogger models
House of Vanita Blogger Lingerie Show Encore

Vince and Hannah at the Vanita Show
Vince of When in Manila was super proud of her gorgeous gf Hannah, this actually looked like an after wedding photo before the honey moon haha! It would have been fair if Vince was wearing some boxers though! Haha! Peace!

The photo op with the blogger model friends 🙂
photo op with the House of Vanity blogger models :)

L-R: with Hannah; with Alex; with Bestie, Alex and Michelle

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Meanwhile you can check out the Vanita site and browse for the items you want to purchase when the sale is on 🙂

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I’d say that if one wanted to look elegant and feel good about her body, a designer lingerie should be worn. Fashion lingerie has been specifically designed to make a woman look feminine, sophisticated, and most of all, gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. hi!This was a really impressive theme!
    I come from milan, I was fortunate to search your blog in bing
    Also I get much in your subject really thanks very much i will come daily

  3. @ Vince haha I think I was late I didn’t catch you in your lingerie! =P

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