Unhealthy Lifestyle

As much as I am concerned about the welfare of those who are from the flood devastated areas in Metro Manila, Laguna and other parts of NCR and Region 4-A.  I am also worried about the unhealthy lifestyle they are living right now which contributes more to their suffering.

I know that beggars can’t be choosers but we all know that eating canned goods like sardines, pack noodles and bread, and bottled water everyday is unhealthy.  I know we don’t have much resources and even manpower to do all the cooking and serving the food and all these are “relief” goods which means they are not temporary.

I believe while they are in the evacuation centers it’s high time to teach the people a healthy lifestyle.  Maybe aside from rescue and relief operations, and the psychological debriefing,  the government should also think of long term solution to the problem like teaching people proper waste disposal and living a healthy lifestyle. Imagine the pile of garbage from the devastated homes and from the evacuation centers.  I know they are more concerned about surviving but this is worth a shot.  They don’t want another wave of flood to take away all their loved ones, properties and possession they worked so hard for.

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean expensive and I believe a licensed dietitian can teach people healthy eating. Maybe the government can hire some people from this dietitian careers website. I’m sure they don’t charge much in there especially the new graduates who needs work experience.

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