Hello everyone!  I will be on a blogging break before the year ends as I will be enjoying a New Years eve at Boracay (me so excited!).  But before my blog posting will slow down for a couple of days I would like to announce that I will have another contest my 2nd Blog Anniversary Thanks Giving Treat for:

  1. 1st year anniversary of Earthlingorgeous.com as a domain.
  2. 2nd year of my blogging publicly.
  3. Welcoming the New Year 2010 and Thank You for surviving 2009!
  4. My daughter’s 8th Birthday!
  5. My 32nd Birthday!
  6. Winning the Nestle Fitnesse challenge.
  7. Valentine Chinese New Year !  Because I’m planning to have the contest start on February 14, 2010 (Welcoming the Year of  the Tiger!).

With all the many reason to celebrate I am looking for cash and in kind (books, beauty products, accessories, clothes, gadgets etc.) sponsors for my upcoming blog contest next year. Interested?  Please, fill out the PLEDGE FORM HERE.  I will be accepting pledges until January 15, 2009.

UPDATE: As of December 29, 2009 sponsors have pledge $100, EC credits, ad spaces and books and plenty of goodies .sponsorship

WHY BECOME A SPONSOR?  This will mean more additional traffic to your blogs/websites and more exposure.  All sponsors will be added in my blog roll and the contest mechanics will be posted in the front page.

Mechanics for the contest will be likely the same as last year (my 1st Blog Anniversary Thanks Giving Treat) with a little modification. Prizes is expected to be much bigger and better and more will have an opportunity to win!  Of course an exclusive My Blog Rocks shirt will still be up for grabs! FYI contest is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to join my Avon Anew Rejuvenate contest and my Bobson giveaway.

Also, I’ll be updating my blog roll since it mysteriously vanished middle of this year.  Those who want to be included please leave your blog URL here and a short description of your blog or blog niche. I would also appreciate if you will add me in your blog roll too. Thank you!

With that note I want to greet everyone a PROSPEROUS, HEALTHY and GORGEOUS NEW YEAR!

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