2nd Blogversary Contest Update #2

Since I messed up the codes at the early stage of the contest, I have made everyone’s chance to join and win this contest much easier.  I have modified and simplified the contest mechanics into 6 simple steps.

Required Steps To Join The Contest:

  1. Blog about the contest and include all sponsors links (codes are now corrected) 5pts
  2. Subscribe to my feed. (please verify your subscription) 5pts
  3. Be a fan of Earthlingorgeous.com on Facebook. 5pts
  4. Grab one of my contest buttons and place on your sidebar (codes are now corrected!) 5pts
  5. Fill-up the contestant spreadsheet.
  6. Comment back here and include the link to your post. 2pts

To those who joined earlier and had the trouble of changing codes and all that hard stuff.  Sorry peeps.  I am giving you another 10 points (that means you have 20 points edge over the rest who completed the steps.

To earn extra points you can do the following:

  1. Answer the following questions on a separate post (or include in your contest entry post). 10pts
  • How did you learn about Earthlingorgeous.com?
  • What is your favorite post here and why? (entry should be between January 2009 – December 2009)  Link to said post.
  • Include a screen capture/ print screen of the page you are reading at Earthlingorgeous.com or a photo of you reading or browsing Eartlingorgeous.com on your computer screen (make sure my logo appears anywhere in the photo)
  • What topics would you like to read at Earthlingorgeous more often?

2.   Comment at least once a day at any of my post especially the new ones.  Spammy and pointless comments are not accepted.  A maximum of 5 comments a day is accepted.  (1pt each comment)

3.  Promote this contest on your other Social Networks (Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Plurk, Yahoo! Meme, Multiply, MySpace and Tumbler) (1pt each)

4.  Join my blogversary side contests mechanics to follow. (10pts)

5.  Be active on Earthlingorgeous.com Facebook Fanpage. (1 pts a day)

6.  Post the photo you used on your contest entry on Earthlingorgeous.com Facebook Fanpage. ( A photo of you reading Earthlingorgeous.com or a screen capture of the page you are reading) (2pts)

7. Stumble, Digg, or Delicious me (1 pt. each any one will do) (Stumble link)

8.  Technorati Fave my blog. Add to  Technorati Favorites (2 pts)

What are the prizes for winning?

  1. 1st prize gets $100 plus awesome gift items
  2. 2nd prize get $25 plus awesome gift items
  3. consolation prize gets $10 plus awesome gift items
  4. top commentator gets $5 plus awesome gift items

For complete details of the prizes you can click this link to read about Earthlingorgeous.com 2nd Blogvesary Treat Prizes. Click!

Contest buttons (codes corrected)

Contest Sponsors Code


Special Thanks To The Following :

  1. Eastwood City
  2. Geiser Maclang
  3. Ogilvy
  4. Avon Philippines
  5. Neutrogena
  6. 20th Century Fox
  7. Strategic Edge Marketing

I would like to thank all my blogger friends and supporters for providing whatever they could to make this contest bigger and better:

  1. The Struggling Blogger.com
  2. Jenaisleonline.com
  3. Badudets.com
  4. Christian Homeschooler.info
  5. Pinayads.com
  6. Brownpinay.com
  7. Online Money Making Experience.com
  8. Kevin Ray Chua.com
  9. The Accidental Teacher.com
  10. Mommy Journey.com
  11. Pinaymom.org
  12. Newsbreakonline.com
  13. LivinglifetodFullest . blogspot.com
  14. Fabrecessionista.com
  15. Angelic-melody.net
  16. Luvspot.net
  17. Barbie-doll.co.cc
  18. Eleanormordenoaguilar.blogspot.com
  19. Morefoodadventures.blogspot.com
  20. Darling Aguilar.com
  21. Mommy Dharlz.info
  22. Eleanoraguilar.com
  23. Honeysweet Learning Center.info
  24. Torquoisethespian.blogspot.com
  25. Neonila-aperfectworld.blogspot.com
  26. Matakaw-Ako.com
  27. Travelwithmarie.blogspot.com
  28. WordyLiz.com
  29. Liezl-read-write.blogspot.com
  30. Marriage and Beyond.com
  31. KikayCorner.net
  32. Fedhz.com
  33. Heartrandom.com
  34. Pinaymom.org
  35. Jay-elx.blogspot.com
  36. Mizhelle.blogspot.com
  37. Upnowandwhatsnext.blogspot.com
  38. Pinaysinglemommy.com
  39. Melandriaromeroo.net
  40. Bloggingfromhome.com
  41. So-magical.co.cc
  42. Projectlightning.com
  43. 7107reasons.com
  44. I Heart Contest.com
  45. Oh So Random.info
  46. HealthySingleMommy.com
  47. Supladita.net
  48. Kissmemwah.net
  49. Maldita.us
  50. SurvivingAutism.net
  51. Yapatoots.com
  52. Mike Mamaril.com
  53. JoeyMd.com
  54. Tsinay.com
  55. Practicaltipsandmore.com
  56. The-Working-Mom.blogspot.com
  57. SexyPinayBody.com
  58. MyCameraSexy.com
  59. ReviewsPehpot.com
  60. PinayHome.com
  61. Chuchieshideaway
  62. PlacesIHaveBeen21.blogspot.com
  63. OnADietDaw.blogspot.com

Wondering about the points system?  Know more about it on the next contest update.

Contest ends March 18, 2010. OPEN TO ANYONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Winners will be announced a week after.

UPDATE! GRRRRRRRRRRR! The codes still not working and I don’t know how to fix it but manually. Sorry for the inconvenience. It appears that however correct the code was on the drafts it becomes different when its posted and a slanted quotation mark appears. This is what makes it not work. So you have to manually delete all the slanted ” and just leave the vertical “. But the easiest way is to copy past the entire text.


  1. Hi really like your site. I have dropped by here before but dont think i ever left a message. Have a great one 🙂
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

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