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It’s True! Boracay Grotto Removed!

Yeah, you heard right. The  Boracay grotto in front of Willy’s Rock Station 1 in Boracay, the famous landmark at this favorite tourist summer destination in the country was chiseled off by an unidentified man two nights ago.

My sister was the first to tell me this news today while we were chatting and I was aghast and saddened. I need to confirm the news at Plurk but it took more than a couple hours before someone said it was true. I searched for info and there it was a news on Inquirer Provincial News February 5, 2010 confirmed it.

The report said there have been dispute of resort owners and businessmen in Boracay about the Virgin Mary’s presence on Willy’s Rock  since not all of them are Catholic.

But for goodness sake that Virgin Mary/ Grotto has been there since I can remember,  It was there the first time I went to the island more than 10 years ago and was there when we were there more than a month ago.

It was considered the most photographed spot in Boracay by tourist and its one of the spot I recommended my family to take photos at because I told them if you don’t have a picture of you by the grotto you’ve never been to Boracay! Now that it’s gone what will separate the Boracay beach from the rest of the many beautiful white beaches around the Philippines? I mean seriously?

Well here was the last photographs with the Boracay Grotto/ Virgin Mary I took with my family:

My sis-in-law and niece at Boracay Grotto

Boracay Grotto / Willy's Rock

December 31, 2010 at Willy's Rock Boracay

Willy's Rock in Boracay at the background

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  1. earthlingorgeous

    they must have put it back and found the culprit then 🙂 that’s good news dang

  2. dang

    i’ve lived in boracay for 6 months now, and the grotto is still here. don’t worry, guys.

  3. Lina Seva

    @ Massage I agree nightlife in Boracay gets too crazy for me who went with 2 kids.!I had a blast when I stayed for 3 days at Zoemei Resort. It’s in in Ilig-Iligan cove, a bit off from the main beach which I preferred but still had the best world renowned sand only found in Boracay! It’s sad they moved the grotto. They should have a good reason for doing so… Can’t wait to go back!

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