17 Resources To Watch The 2010 Oscar Awards Live!

Earthlingorgeous is now LIVE on the Red Carpet!

UPDATE:  A big fail The Awards Night will not be shown on ABC because of a failed contract negotiations, Disney pulled New York affiliate ABC7 off of cable company Cablevision’s channel lineup early this morning, leaving over 3 million people without a channel to watch the Oscars on tonight unless they tune in over the air!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Earthlingorgeous still managed to find an awesome live streaming site and here is The 82nd Academy Awards Winners List.  The 2010 Oscar Awards Winners List!

The live streaming links below for The 82nd Academy Awards or The 2010 Oscars is now LIVE! Show starts at 8PM on March 7, 2010 Sunday in U.S. and 8AM Manila time March 8, 2010 Monday.

I suggest you bookmark this page and come back anytime you want so you can watch the Oscars Live for Free anywhere in the world you are.

So you ask, where can you watch the Oscar Awards live hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, here is the list:

The 82nd Academy Awards Poster from Oscar.com

  1. BUT WAIT! Try this link! Watch The Oscars Live Stream!
  2. Try the full coverage of ABC News on the event Oscars 2010 Nominees and Winners (no longer available ABC cancelled contract boo!)
  3. CNN Awards Spotlight: Academy Awards
  4. Yahoo! Movies – 82nd Academy Awards
  5. Youtube – Oscar channel – The official Oscar Channel on Youtube
  6. Or via the official website of The Oscar Awards official network -ABC so you can Watch the 82nd Academy awards live online for free on Oscar.com
  7. APLive Facebook page – You can watch the Oscars 2010 live on Facebook. Need to be a fan of APLive in order to view the live stream.

  8. Oscar Awards Webcast
    NOW LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET! The 82nd Oscar Awards Live Streaming! The Official Oscar Awards Night Live!

  9. You can Watch Oscars online for Free on AP livestream
  10. Or Watch Oscar awards 2010 live online for free on Livestream from the Official Academy Awards Website.
  11. Watch the Oscars 2010 live streaming for free on Associated Press channel – another livestream link which would cover Oscar red carpet event as well.
  12. You can also try the ABC live streaming link to Watch the Oscar awards 2010 live online for free on atdhe
  13. Or the most popular live streaming web channel Ustream to Watch Oscar Awards 2010 live streaming online for free on UStream TV
  14. There is also the Academy Awards 2010 Live streaming for free on Justin TV the quality is better than its competition
  15. If you can’t find the livestream you can see some exclusive video clips here but this link is available to U.S. viewers only. Watch Oscars 2010 videos online for free on Hulu
  16. You can also try to Watch Oscar awards 2010 live streaming online for free on Webcastr
  17. Then you can also Watch the 82nd Academy awards 2010 online for free on TV.com
  18. If you just want to see who wins then Watch Academy awards 2010 live videos online for free on TVGuide you can view the videos after the ceremony ends.  So this is more of a replay videos.
  19. Watch The Oscars 2010 online for free on Sidereel
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  1. napanood ko sya sa channel 2, in fairness, kakaiba talaga, sobrang comedy haha

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