‘Wear The Pants Day’ On Friday!

Its weird that in other parts of the world women are not allowed to wear pants.  So on Friday, June 11, 2010 wear pants to show support to the ‘Wear The Pants Day’ event.  Why? Because if you’re a female, you can. Or can you?

A feisty and fun feminist magazine and online magazine I’ve been following, New Moon Media,  has come out with this event to observe “Wear The Pants Day” Friday because girls and women around the world are still forbidden or discouraged from wearing pants. Yes, it is 2010, and yet: Girls and women are beaten, arrested and worse for wearing pants, even loose pants covered by skirts.

  • Just two weeks ago, Indonesian women wearing jeans had their pants confiscated and were ordered to don long skirts.
  • Schoolgirls in Sudan were flogged last fall for wearing pants, and while international outrage helped keep flogging at bay for Sudanese journalist Lubna Hussein, she must pay a fee for the crime of wearing pants.
  • Last September, some 20 Ugandan women wearing pants were stripped and left to walk home in underwear.

So why June 11, 2010 ?  This day was picked because on June 11, 1964, the Equal Pay Act was enacted in the U.S., mandating that women receive equal pay for equal work. Now, some 46 years later, pants barriers have largely toppled in the US; however, American women earn just 77 cents to a man’s dollar.

Wearing pants today keeps us focused on the work that remains ahead to ensure that our daughters enter a workplace that’s finally fair. It’s mind-boggling that it took 100 years and decade after decade of pants activism to get females the same basic right as men to don a comfortable clothing option. But it happened here, and when we Wear The Pants this June 11, we affirm that this right belongs to every female on the planet!

Learn More and join the Wear The Pants Day Facebook event

So, ladies don’t forget on Friday! Wear The Pants because we can!

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  1. @ Bagel yes we can wear jeans as much as we want anytime we want… I wear jeans all the time its my favorite piece in my closet.

    I never knew women in Indonesia are struggling to wear them.. it was a surprise for me to find out that they have to fight for it to wear it

  2. I did not know that Pinays are very lucky for being able to wear jeans without hassles.

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