Ladies Beware Of This Female Serial Killer

Most of the guest came with their 50’s inspired outfit all were expecting to have a fun night.  It was supposed to be a birthday party, but instead it was a public investigation of the death of Jennifer. Who Killed Jennifer?


Jennifer is 32 years old and she is involved in a lot of sports activities she works as a topnotch executive of a financial firm and inherited their families fortune.  She is married to Nick  and they were married for 10 years. Nick was the one who invited us at a 50’s themed dinner party at Melos Steak House in Quezon City.

Guest were even asked to sing a birthday song for Jennifer until the appearance of the crime investigator who turned almost everyone as a suspect to the death of Jennifer.   Suspect roll include Lohan (sister of Jennifer),  Bing (Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend who apparently she was still having an affair with) , her step mother and their family driver, and her best friend Estrelita.


As the investigation progress,  we realized that none of them killed Jennifer but this 2nd highest know serial killer of women in the country today.

This female serial killer kills 12 women in the Philippines everyday, the killer victimized  millions of women worldwide …  and you my dear female readers can be the next victim, so beware!

It’s not a who, it’s an it and I’m talking about cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer can strike anyone.  The youngest who was reported dead was a 12 year old girl (apparently a sex worker) and the oldest was 99 years old.

Don’t take heed ladies, because this killer cancer doesn’t just affect those who are sexually active.  It can also affect even those who had a contact with the Human Papilloma Viruse (HPV) and there are about 200 HPV virus types that exists.  Most common to hit in the Philippines is the HPV 52  but 16 & 18 HPV types causes 70% of cervical cancer cases among the 15 number of HPV types said to be high-risk (cancer-causing).

An HPV virus can live for 12 hours even without its host, so sexual contact (which involves penetration) is not the only cause to get this.

Recent data shows

*  there are 510, 000  new cervical cancer cases annually worldwide according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO)
*  there are 288, 000 yearly deaths around the world because of cervical cancer – WHO
*  about 80 percent of cervical cancer cases are found in developing countries in the world most prevalent in Asia and Africa.
* among the numbers 245, 000 are the reported new cervical cancer cases found in Asia every year
*  there are 7, 277 estimated new cervical cancer cases every year in the Philippines according to survey done in Rizal, Cebu, and Davao by Department of Health (DOH)

What is Cervical Cancer?


The cervix can be found between the vagina and the uterus, so only women can have this cancer. It is “an occurrence where the normal cells of the cervix turn cancerous, cervical cancer is usually caused by a chronic and persistent cancer-causing type of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection that leads to pre-malignant lesions that progress to cancer.

This is what cervical cancer looks like:  The normal cervix is the one at the left and the cancerous cervix is the one at the right it looks like a medium rare steak.

Who are at high risk of having cervical cancer?

  • Those who were introduced to sexual activities at a young age
  • Those who have high number of pregnancies
  • Smokers
  • Long term users of oral contraceptives
  • Those who acquired sexually transmitted infections

How can you protect yourself from cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer takes years to develop ,  “the condition may take ten to thirty years to happen, there is a large window of opportunity to screen, detect, and diagnose the lesions before it becomes malignant. Visual Inspection of the cervix with Acetic Acid (VIA) and Pap smear help identify these lesions.”

However, aside from the detection a pap smear can provide we can actually prevent this from happening to us by having vaccine that specifically targets HPV which causes cervical cancer.

According to Dr. Teng Ganzon as early as 10 years old a female can get the vaccine and she is highly protected against cervical cancer for life.  Anyone can get the vaccine even if they are not sexually active.

As your gynecologist about this vaccine today.  This vaccine is administered 3x in the span of 1 year with intervals of 1 3 and 6 months after every shot.

Sorry for the dramatic post prelude, I was just inspired by the fun and witty event GMCI did. The subject is a serious matter though so I hope you consider having a pap smear at least once a year and get the vaccine to be fully protected.

Here are the event photos, Enjoy!


Who Killed Jennifer?
The Suspects!


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