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Update:  Last February 21, 2012, Bishop Antonio Tobias DD, Bishop of Diocese of Novaliches, declared St. Peter Parish as a Shrine and from thereon be know as St. Peter Parish: Shrine of Leaders.   I just got the letter last June 2013 about this notice being a title holder of one of one of the slots in the columbary, they wanted me to go there and have my title replaced.

Have you ever thought where will be your earthly remains eternal resting place will be?  Or how the cemetery / tomb/niche the people you will left behind will choose for you to look like?I’m not being morbid, I’m just being realistic.  Eventually, we will all die but are we ready for it when it comes? Or you will leave it all for your loved ones to think about?Some memorial plan and memorial lot agents would be pushing you to invest on a memorial plan now while you still can, if not for you for your elderly loved ones.  Personally I don’t want such but it depends on your financial capabilities if you want and can afford then go for it but for practicality I won’t recommend it.My dad requested to be cremated despite the disapproval of some of our very strict catholic relatives .  They thought the Catholic Church does not allow cremation.  They also told us that we should not put our father’s urn/ashes inside our house and that let the dead be in his eternal resting place separate from the living.While at the height of loss 2 years ago I went to canvass for a place for my father’s ashes/urn and I am glad I found  St. Peter Parish Columbary along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines near Tandang Sora and Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.

St. Peter Parish Church St. Peter Parish Church Facade
St. Peter Parish Church side view

Why I am happy where my father lies now at  St. Peter Parish Columbary?

  1. It’s gorgeous because the Columbary is below one of the gorgeous catholic churches I’ve ever been, St. Peter Parish.   The architecture was inspired by the St. Peter Basilica in Rome, Inside there is a replica of the St. Peter’s Arc.     I so love the architecture of this church, it took a couple of years to get be able to achieve the look but the wait was worth it.  I think it’s one of the best places to hold a Church Wedding.  Aside from the replica of St. Peter’s Arc On display surrounding it is the Hall of Popes displaying all Popes from St. Peter to Pope Benedict XVI.



IMG_7342 IMG_7341

  1. I love St. Peter Parish Columbary because it’s very accessible as it is located along the highway.
  2. I’m assured that my father’s remains will be safe and intact because there is a 24-hour security y.  It is free from vandalism, thief, mud and won’t let its visitors perish the heat of the sun.

IMG_7328 IMG_7338


  1. There is a mass held every day.  So I am assured that my father’s soul is peaceful in there.


  1. Its Catholic-owned.  So anyone having doubts about having their dead cremated should not hesitate.
  2. I love the nice and peaceful ambiance inside the Columbary.  It’s open-air and has an abundance of natural air and light.
  3. This is the most practical alternative to traditional burials.  You don’t have to pay high memorial lot maintenance and you don’t have to move your loved ones remains after 5 or 10 years (most columbaries have this “expiration date” or “date of contract” for your loved ones to use the tomb/ columbary)  Once you purchase a niche/space, it’s yours forever.
  4. You can choose from their different packages or halls even the garden area, the altar, or the Pieta.  My father’s niche can be found at the St. Bartholomew Hall.  You can pay in cash or installment basis.  A niche/space is as low as Php35,000  hallway niche to as high as Php200,000 garden, pieta, and altar for installment basis with a down payment fee of five percent (5%) and payable monthly for 2 years. (Price subject to change without prior notice to this blog post author )

IMG_7330The Pieta at the center

The Altar


The St. Bartholomew Hall  (other halls are St. Simon, St Matthias, St. Thaddeus, St. James, St. Matthew. St. Thomas, St. Andres, St. Philip, St. Peter, St. Luke, and St. Mark.

  1. We got our dad’s niche for Php35,000 excluding the name, date of birth, and date of death (Php12.00 a letter is not bad) two years ago, now his niche/space cost Php50,000 cash.  It’s practical to get one while the price is still reasonably low compared to other Columbary.  When I was canvassing for a Columbary the cheapest I found was Php50,000 good for 5 years.  I’m so blessed to have found St. Peter Parish Columbary because it’s so affordable and I am assured that my father’s remains will be safe for as long as the establishment remains intact.




  1. A niche/tomb can house four (4) urns. A family joke, we will all be in one niche super tipid!

But honestly, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about this anymore because we have a niche space for my urn or for anyone in the family to be when I/we die.


This post was made after looking around St. Peter’s Parish Columbarium while visiting my dad for his 2nd death anniversary.  I felt so peaceful talking to my father in there.  It was so homey.

To my father, I know you are now at peace and free from all illness wherever you are.  Here on earth, we, the loved ones you left behind are happy to see we put your remains in a place we know you love, beneath the church and you hear mass everyday.  Its so peaceful and we can visit anytime.   We love you Papa. Please be our guide.


Click here if  You need to claim death and funeral benefit at the SSS .


  1. Can you pkease provide me the pricelist?

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