Top 6 Reasons to Pick the New Delsey Luggage vs. Other Luggages

Travel more is one of my goals for 2015. While my old luggage is still in great shape I am considering to get a new one and the new Delsey luggage design release is a possible replacement for me.

So, why pick the new Delsey luggage vs. other luggages?

Wait, before I tell you why just a side story, I learned more about Delsey luggages at the Delsey Innovations Caravan at Edsa Shangrila Mall yesterday. The event where I finally saw Kenneth Cobunpue in the flesh, plus Maria Ressa and Boy Abunda whom I have seen in a handful of events in the past.

Kenneth Cobunpue and Maria Ressa
Kenneth Cobunpue and Maria Ressa

The event honored Cobunpue and Ressa fot their inspiring innovators success story which contributed to having the Philippines recognized worldwide in terms of Furniture Design and Journalism.

Delsey Innovations Caravan
Delsey Innovations Caravan with the French Ambassador to the Philippines

Just like them Delsey is an innovator when it comes to luggages. Did you know that Delsey was the first to come up witb the trolley luggage system way back in 1972!

And now with the latest Delsey luggage design Chatalet, its a no-brainer why you should pick this over other luggages in the world:

  • Delsey Wheel Brake System
    These new bags are the first to feature a wheel brake system so your bag doesn’t run away from you when you’re at an incline without any free hands. Park your bag, lock and feel free to reach into your purse to call someone or scan a city map!Delsey Wheel Break System
  • Overweight Indicator.  Not all who travel have portable luggage weighing scale. I for one have none. It happens more than once that I over packed and have to transfer stuff from my luggage to my hand carry and luggage of my travel companions coz I don’t want to pay excess bagge. (Yes it is a hassle and yes I can be a cheapo like that.)  Delsey Luggage Overweight Indicator With this new feature I and many other shopaholic or packrat travelers need not to worry about carrying too much or enough on.  Zip your luggage carry it and if the indicator turns red your luggage is overweight!
  • 10 year International warranty! If something goes wrong with your bag anywhere in the world, just pop into a Delsey shop and they’ll fix or replace it for you for free!
  • Double-Zip Feature. All of the latest Delsey bags and luggages comes with this amper-free zipper system that makes it almost impossible to break!.  You don’t need to worry about broken zipper or forced-opened ones not to mention things getting stolen from you for lack of safety features.Delsey Double-Zip feature
  • Made with 100% virgin BAYER Makrolon® polycarbonate and fine leather detailing that’s very modern but with a very vintage flair.PhotoGrid_1420655227078
  • It also comes with a luggage tracking system which comes very handy if your lugagge got lost. Just make sure to have your Delsey luggage registered and they can track it for you (they said they don’t use GPS but there’s a tag or maybe a chip that registers its location once scanned at the luggage/baggage counter or every airport in the world)  Delsey is available in 110 countries!Delsey Tracking System

If you can’t believe what I just said then see it all for yourself . The Delsey Innovations Caravan is a 3 month long mall exhibition where you can check out Delsey’s new products as well as its entire history of innovative luggage.

The Delsey new luggage design comes in 3 sizes and colors: Hand carry Size (55cm)-P 16,590 Medium Size (69cm)-P 18,590 Large Size (78cm)-P 21,590
The Delsey new luggage design comes in 3 sizes and colors:
Hand carry Size (55cm)-P 16,590
Medium Size (69cm)-P 18,590
Large Size (78cm)-P 21,590

While the Chatalet is not expabable it can miraculously fit whatever you need to in it. If you are still looking for one they have a design that has this feature.

Delsey is available in the Philippines at Delsey Paris Stores located in Ayala Cebu, Ayala Fairview Terraces, and SM City Davao.  You can also find them at The Travel Club, Flight001 at leading department stores nationwide.

For more information: Visit Delsey Philippines on Facebook  or on Instagram @DelseyPH

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