Met The Best Ever Sunsilk Range Hair Experts And Sarah Geronimo On A Bad Hair Day

Such was the irony of life.  I met two of the four co-creators of the Best Ever Sunsilk Range and its endorser on a bad hair day.  Imagine the embarrassment I felt  and the confidence I have to muster so I can rub elbows with smooth hair expert  Yuko Yamashita, shapes and length expert Teddy Charles and  Sunsilk endorser Sarah Geronimo with my wild, oddly-length, wavy hair!

Last night was the formal media launch of the Best Ever Sunsilk Range with hair experts like Yuko Yamashita and Teddy Charles as two of the four co-creators of the best ever Sunsilk product ever created.

Yuko Yamashita a hair expert from Japan co-created with Sunsilk the Smooth and Manageable formulation.  She is the creator of the Yuko Hair Straightening turning unruly to manageable hair.


(I wonder what she was thinking when she was talking to me and saw how “crazy” wavy my hair was! Thanks Alex for the photo!)

Teddy Charles from Paris France co-created with Sunsilk the Strong and Long formulation and the Straight and Sway formulation.  He worked with famous Hollywood celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker. The Strong and Long formulation was made for strong and smoother hair while the Straight and Sway is ideally for straighter hair full of natural movement perfect for artificially straightened hair.

(I think he wanted to pull my hair away from me when we had this pic together! Gosh I look so ugly in this pic!  Thanks Azrael for the photo!)

Sarah Geronimo charmed the crowd with her beautiful long and straight hair.  She is such a darling. I wished she sang for us at the event but she didn’t.

Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo and Earthlingorgeous

Sunsilk Hair Experts mini-fashion show

A mini-fashion show was held showcasing the different looks for the different product range of the Best Ever Sunsilk.

Meet the Sunsilk Hair Expert Event

Then we were invited to take a peek at the Sunsilk Expert Salon where everyone can get a free hair care tips and hair makeover.  They will have a road show all-over the country starting next week.  The Sunsilk Expert Salon will be first seen in Market! Market! at the Global City in Taguig and then in Davao and Cebu.  The salon schedule will be announced at Sunsilk Hair Expert Facebook Page .

Sunsilk Co-Creations has 7 formulations at Php89.00 per 200 ml bottle:
Best Ever Sunsilk Co-Creations Products

  1. Smoth and Manageable co-created with Yuko Yamashita
  2. Strong and Long co-created with Teddy Charleis
  3. Damage Repair co-created with Thomas Taw of Bobsoho Salon in London
  4. Straight and Sway co-created with Teddy Charles
  5. Soft and Smooth co-created with Thomas Taw
  6. Anti-Dandruff co-created with Dr. Francesca Fusco from NYC
  7. Hair Fall Solution co-created with Dr. Francesca Fusco

Which Best Ever Sunsilk variant will you try out?

Stay gorgeous!

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  1. Graveh ganda ng hair ni Sarah…makapal,long and straight, but looks natural..kakainspired mag pa-long and straight hair.

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