Mommy Bloggers She Blogs Off 2010 Meet Up

This will be the 2010 She Blogs Off Mommy Bloggers meet up not because of an event but just because.  Happened last week.  Forgot the date.  LOLZ!

Our dear blogger friend Jade who used to be a mommawannabe (during our 2009 She Blogs Off Meet Up)  is soontobemommy come December and she will be moving in the Philippines from Singapore for good!   She will live in her real life Farmtown/ Farmville in Puerto Princesa, Palawan and if God permits we can visit her after she gives birth.   Thus, a possibility of the 2011 Mommy Bloggers Blog Off Meet will be in Palawan?  Exciting! Haha!

We again met at Dads/Saisaki Restaurant in SM Magamall just because its near Jade’s hotel and because of the Eat-All-You-Can Merienda treat  haha! Frugal moms!  Love it!

It was my first time to meet Chris of Mommy Journey  at long last, we’ve been blogger friends since I started public blogging same time Jade and I became friends.  It was also my first time to meet Paula, Rosselle and Nuts and the little chikitings of  Pehpot, Fedhz, Chris and Tetcha.

As usual photos galore!

2nd time to meet Jade and she’s now has a baby bump! Yay!
2nd meet with Jade & she blog off moms
Mommy Bloggers L-R: Fedhz, Tetcha, Paula, Pehpot, Josie, Jade, Me, Rossel, Nutz

Mommy Bloggers She Blogs Off 2010
L-R: Fedhz, Chris, Pehpot, Me, Paula, Rossel, Nutz, Jade and Josie (Photo grabbed from Pehpot)

mommies and babies

Me Playing with Tetcha and Fedhz kids (photo grabbed from Pehpot)

Meet Robert, the nicest Dads/Saisaki crew you will ever meet. He was so patient and accommodating. He took all the group photos for us. (Photo grabbed from Pehpot)

Oh I had so much fun taking pics of Pehpot’s baby Y!



  1. Author

    @ RJ’s mama oo nga sana you can join us na!

    @ Pehpot oo naaliw ako ng husto sa kanya!

    @ Paula nice to meet you too

  2. Ang dami nating pics dito ah. Maka-grab nga. Nice meeting you, Earth!

  3. looks like you had so much fun! will try to join next year 🙂

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