Fun At Whisper Dares Anne Curtis Event

Anne Curtis was game enough to answer all revealing questions confidently and take on the challenge to dance, play twister and do yoga in front of everybody at the Whisper Dares Anne Curtis event yesterday at Sofitel.

Whisper Dares Anne Challenge

very lovely Anne Curtis tells the truth

Anne Curtis during the twister game

The event was to prove how their latest variant Whisper Cottony Clean enables women of all ages to do things they never dared before even during their period because its less bulky and has the clean and fresh feeling to it.

Aside from that the new Whisper Cottony Clean proveds all sides leakage protection and better absorption through its Circles of Protection, an all-new channel design in the front, back and sides that help direct the flow of your period and prevent leakage.

Anne assures everyone that with the new Whisper Cottony Clean women will have a happy period!

Aside from the latest variant Whisper still has the Super Clean and Dry variant which Kim Chiu endorses.

Event Photos:
Sam Oh event hostJan Jizelle Ang Whisper Brand Manager
Anne Curtis and the wheel of Truth or Dare
Anne Curtis Touch the Color ChallengeAnne Curtis challenged to play twister
Anne Curtis playing twister
Anne Curtis challenged to DanceAnne Curtis takes on the Dance Challenge
Anne Curtis takes on the Dance challenge
Anne Curtis takes the Yoga challengeAnne Curtis doing yoga
Anne Curtis doing Yoga
with Sam Oh
with Anne Curtis

I so love Anne, aside from being so beautiful she is also fun, bold and intelligent. She was able to take on all challenges with a smile and answer all questions without apprehension.

Anne Curtis latest endorser of WhisperWhisper Cottony Clean

I am a Whisper user and I can attest how comfortable I feel when I use it. How about you ladies how was your Whisper experience?  Did you have a happy period?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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