With Fairer Skin I’ll Get 50x More Of This…

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With Fairer Skin I’ll Get 50x More Of This…

Those who read my blog regularly know how I searched for the product or treatment to make my skin fairer.  From soaps, to pills, to creams and even treatment from beauty salons and spa’s. Obviously I am not that successful with that pursuit, I still have my brown complexion and still get the same discrimination I get because I look “mahirap ” (poor) or “dugyot” (filthy) because I’m “maitim”.

I’ve always said this and we all are aware of this discrimination.  When your maitim or have dark complexion, your mahirap and baduy and not sosyal, and you get that look I always despise.  If  I can get a peso every time I get this look I’d be more than a millionaire already!

L'oreal White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening

There’s a new product by L’Oreal Paris that was launched during the Black and White party for bloggers at the L’Oreal Paris Philippines last week, the new White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening with SPF17/PA++ which promises 50x fairer skin. It uses a new technological breakthrough called melanin vanish that gives 1 drop 50x more powerful.

I’ll be posting my review about the White Perfect soon and see if I can get that 50x fairer skin.

Why do I want fairer skin?  Its because I am sick and tired of this treatment .   With fairer skin  I’ll be 50x  less discriminated!

With fairer skin I can get 50x richer (looking), 50x more sosyal, 50x more fashionable (no longer baduy), 50x more favored at by people. I can have 50x more choices of colors on clothes and 50x more choices on lipstick shades!

Best of all I’ll be 50x more gorgeous than I already am!

Earthlingorgeous 50x fairer

See what I mean? (If you agree or disagree with my say something here at the comment section, or forever hold your peace! LMAO!)

I’m not the only woman who wants 50x more of something you can find out more about them here www.womenwant50xmore.com or at Loreal Paris Facebook Page

L'Oreal white Perfect

How about you? What do you want 50X MORE with fairer skin?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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28 thoughts on “With Fairer Skin I’ll Get 50x More Of This…

  1. If I have fairer skin I won’t have problems finding the right color of clothes or makeup for me parang lahat sa kanila bagay! but ms. e you make us morena proud!

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