The First Celebrity Sole Survivor

I watched the Survivor Philippines celebrity edition from the beginning and if you base it from what I’ve seen in the show without knowing any behind the scenes issues and talking to one of the top 4 I would pick Akihiro Sato or Solenn Heusaff.

Others said he doesn’t deserve to win because of some juicy inside info that he offered the other Top 4 Celebrity Survivor Aubrey Miles and Ervic Vijandre Php200,000 each if they make him the winner.   Do I believe this?   I can’t tell I don’t know him in person.

With what I’ve seen from the show so far Aki and Solenn are like the nice players in the game while Aubrey and Ervic are like the evil players haha!

Some also say Aki doesn’t deserve to win the Php3M prize since he is not a Filipino, if that’s the case then Solenn doesn’t deserve it either.

Oh well! Whoever will be the first celebrity sole survivor all four of them deserves a shot to win it after all they got this far, they must be really good at strategizing their way to the top.

Just wanna share the Top 4 Celebrity Survivor Philippines photos as seen in Philippine Star, prosthetics was done by Solenn herself  and I got this pic from her too.

Aren’t they so sexy? I think I would need a lot of creatine monohydrate powder to have a body like them or become the next Survivor Philippines cast away!

Who’s your pick for the first Celebrity Sole Survivor and why?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I would have loved for Jon or Michelle to win but since they’re out. I was rooting for Aki & he won!

    I felt sorry for Aubrey though coz it seemed that she had thought her game plan right from the start.

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