I’m as Filipino and as Ilocana as I can be and so I went to the 2010 Noel Bazaar at the World Trade Center on its last day yesterday where I was able to buy gorgeous accessories for Php100.00 each!  (A whooping Php250.00 plus savings a piece if I get the similar kind of accessories from Forever 21, Solo or Accesorize just a few of my favorite shops to buy lovely pieces).

I got this one set for Php300.00 only! A nice silver cocktail ring with white stone, an antique finish necklace with a victorian pendant and a set of silver earrings with white stone. The set is very Victorian!

I also got a darker version of the cocktail ring, this one is made of bronze and a bluish grayish stone for Php100.00

We also got 3 pieces of Copper rings @ Php280.00 each, they are much expensive because its copper and because of the stones in it:
This one has tigers eye for luck in business and career:

This one has rose quarts for love
Mom got the one with the angel stone for guidance and protection.

There’s just so many beautiful cocktail rings on sale and I wish I can buy them all!

I wish I can afford one of these exquisite bronze necklaces too but they’re not in the budget price range Php1,200 up!

There are other pretty necklaces on sale all for Php100.00 each like these:

and bracelets for Php100.00 only!

Aside from lovely accessories the Noel Bazaar features different items like clothes, shoes, bags, foods, household items, furnitures and the like. We got a couple of lace dresses and a lovely purse for formal occasions.

I also found these:
Bag organizers!

I’m planning to sell  @ Php250.00 each so if you wish to buy from me just leave a message here and leave your contact info and how many would you like to buy the color and which among above design you want.

Have you completed your Christmas shopping already?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Mom knows how to make accessories, if you want I can ask her if she can make the bronze necklaces and if she can sell it in a cheaper price.

  2. I’ll get 4. wala bang discount. hahahaha

    Gusto ko ung plain. I can pink, white and blue (plain)and ung 2nd design from the right.

    Pwde bang paypal bayad?

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