Gel eyeliner, the name alone sounds intimidating.  Back track a few years and I wouldn’t dare touch or use this thing a few years back,  but since I became a beauty blogger I am now more adventurous with different types of makeup.


Before using this I made sure to follow what  Tita Fanny Serrano said about adding a bit of baby oil when you use it because its kinda thick.  But some said they love it as it is.


How to use:
Use an eyeliner brush and dip lightly swipe on the gel eyeliner to get enough amount to line eyes.  (I use one of the brushes from Elianto they are just perfect) Lightly dip the eyeliner brush on a drop of baby oil to make the gel glide smoothly on the lids (or vice-versa).  Or you can use without dipping on the baby oil.

I did both and here’s the result.

The gel liner glided easily on my eyelids when I dab my brush in baby oil and it lined my eyes perfectly:


The gel liner went a bit thicker here, this one was applied without baby oil.


What I think about it?

  • I like to use it with the baby oil as TF suggested, it tends to clump up without baby oil and it is a bit hard to apply without it.  However, the one with baby oil can be easily removed by washing with facial cleanser and water compared to the one without which will need make-up remover to get rid off when it dries.
  • Its perfect for personal use but unhygienic if you will share with others since you’ll dip your brush in it every time you use .  I suggest you use a small spatula to get the right amount you need if you will be using for others.
  • I like how it doesn’t contain alcohol and doesn’t sting the eye.


Do I recommend Fanny Serrano Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner?
Yes! I think I this 4ml packaging can last me for years since you only need very little amount to line up your eyes.

This is my attempt to do a wing-tip which I think is a fail. I need more practice. The shape of my eyes and my folds I think is not meant for wing-tip.


Btw, what type of eyeliner you like best? Pencil, liquid or gel?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Hello!

    It was nice to find this blog. Is this gel liner water proof and smudge proof? How long does it last?

  2. Wow, that looks really good! I am allergic to baby oil so I’d probably use it as is. 😀

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