(LodRose) A Rough and Tough Introduction cum Invitation to 365 Philippines

So I would assume Earthling’s regular readers will have the distinction amongst our posts. I would have you now my younger sister Earth has tons to do with this little school project of mine. She is my personal cheerleader, social media mentor and messaging coach.

Here’s my elevator pitch in video format:

LodRose on She Ka for Social Entrepeneurship + 365 Philippines

Here’s our blurb:

From Co-Founder Niña Terol Zialcita – http://artofchangemaking.com/2010/12/365philippines-invite/

What if we could change the world’s perception of the Philippines not through a manufactured, structured marketing campaign, but through an honest, authentic, community-based sharing of experiences and ideas? Do you know those Project 365s that people do on Flickr or Facebook–where they upload everyday photos and invite viewers into slivers of their daily lives? What if we could share that with the world and show them what the Philippines REALLY looks like, through the lives and lenses of REAL, everyday Filipinos? #

This is what 365Philippines.com is all about. #

It aims to be a platform for sharing content that is real and authentic and seen from our eyes. More than that, it aims to create a community of Filipinos who love the Philippines and who want to promote the country in the most honest way possible. Authenticity is key to this project. We now have a passionate project team that’s building the site (hopefully to be launched by Valentine’s Day 2011), but we need more hearts, minds, hands, and eyes to turn this into a social enterprise that will help empower local communities, boost tourism, and contribute to a Philippines that we can all be proud of.

From our Facebook Page:

1. Check out our Super Awesome Landing Page now (while it lasts – we’re moving so fast everyone’s head is spinning, before you know it our Real Landing Page is done),

2. Like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/365Philippines)

3. Follow us on Twitter @365philippines or post tweets having a hashtag of #365PH as applicable

4. Search for 365 Philippines on the internet, we are slowly creeping everywhere – soon enough you won’t be able to run away from us! Hahahaha.

5. Prepare your bestest Great Philippines – Everything & Everyone On or From it message (as short as a quick text message, an excerpt to a full story, a photo to a collage to a gallery, a few musical notes to a song to a full concert, a video clip to a documentary to a mini film to a full-length movie) and contact us by filling up this form https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGdNVkhLVkdOQ3NQY3ViM1lTcFJIeXc6MQ .

If your concept or idea (DON’T SEND THE CONTRIBUTIONS YET, we’re still setting these things up!) touches our hearts, we will most definitely feature you as our Fellow Passionate Contributor =) We are in the process of developing an economically feasible incentive/payment scheme for you for your efforts of course, on top of serving your yearning to showcase your version of the Philippines.

6. Tell us (team@365philippines.com) why and how your personal skills form a crucial part of 365Philippines Pioneering Incorporators or Core Team and that why you’re willing to start working with us for Free then for peanuts for a while as we settle our financial foundations (Heads Up: We have a Galactic Overlord on either weed, acid, steroids, or just your run of the mill insane person that’s whippingly bad-ass nasty and wants everything done two weeks ago!) Be informed though that as we are a Self Sustaining Social Enterprise so with conviction, We Absolutely Hate Freeloading! We won’t leech off your talents forever. Non-talented, close-minded, negative, lazy-ass, diva LOSERS NEED NOT APPLY. Heck, keep away from us!

7. Pitch a very mutually beneficial Partnership or Sponsorship Plan (info@teamphilippines.com) because for our part, We Expect To Exceed Expectations All The Time, From Day 1.

8. Start spreading the buzz about what we intend to do. Talk to us and let us know what you’d like to see.

We are Rising Up for World Domination 365Philippines Version – Sooner Than You Think!


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