(LodRose) My Thing on Reusable Shopping Bags These Days

When I received my very first reusable shopping bag at my usual shopping place, I was floored!

It was free, it looked pretty cool and sturdy and yes, it bothered me a bit that the branding and logos of the shopping center was all over the place bordering on bad taste. It didn’t matter, I loved it and use that specific bag to this day. It serves its purpose, which is to make sure I don’t resort to the plastic bags they give out that by the way PLASTIC BAGS DO NOT MELT IN THE NEXT THOUSAND YEARS! I wonder if everyone’s aware of the environmental impact.

I had raised eyebrows when these shopping centers started SELLING them. Sure they’re cheap, but, hah, another greediness instance coming from these companies on the pretense of penalizing those who forget to bring their reusable shopping bags when they shop. Yeah right. It encourages people to bring theirs. Sure.

What bothers me most now are tons and tons of people who continue to ignore this latest development and still depend on the shopping establishments to continue supplying them with disposable plastic bags. Another is that though I have seen people purchase and use some of these bags, it’s not on a regular basis. Especially that you get tons these days, like we do, now we got tons that never get used at all.

Our family practice – last Christmas, we did not buy any Christmas Wrapping or Packaging Tool. We used all those reusable shopping bags and shop paper bags to place our presents. Yet, in spite of that, our reusable bag supply is still overflowing. Considering there’s just 3 active shoppers on our house, I can imagine how the other households would look like.

So please. I hope you remember this post when you shop. Have your reusable bags with you. Or always use a big bag and NEVER TAKE those harmful plastic bags or even fancy paper pags the commercial establishments give out even if your purchase was for a big ticket item. YOU DON’T NEED THEM PLASTIC BAGS IF YOU PREPARED WELL.

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  1. @Pink MagaLine – Good to know! Thanks for lending a hand on this petty, but huge impact cause =)

    @Bea – That’s so cool! We should have that passed as a law nationwide, heck, worldwide! If some people refuse to acknowledge their accountability on these things, we ought to force it on them. Gosh I won’t mind going dictator on this aspect.

  2. I heard from my mom that Muntinlupa passed an ordinance that bans plastic bags altogether. So now groceries etc. are having problems and are even complaining. Sheesh. I think it’s a good idea, to ban plastic bags. If reusable bags are the only things available, people will be forced to use them.

  3. Last week, I brought the my Penshoppe eco bag you gave me to an SM grocery. I actually forgot that it was “bring your own bag Wednesday” so it was very helpful. I love using eco bags. As a matter of fact, I have 3 eco bags now and I use them everytime.

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