A Short Pit Stop In Singapore

I wouldn’t have planned to go to Singapore if not for Dani (a PR friend) who told me about a bus that can take me from Malaysia where I will be staying for 4 days and 4 nights at a Malaysian Hotel.  Knowing this I did not book to stay in any Singapore Hotel .    How to get around Singapore/ Transportation The bus trip took about 5 hours one-way with two stops to the Malaysian immigration for departing Malaysia and  to the Singapore immigration for arriving at Singapore. This means even arriving buses from the border will have to be checked at the immigration before being allowed entry or exit.    This immigration process doesn’t only happen in airports.

StarMart Bus from KL to Singapore

Bus To Singapore

I rode a double decker bus by Star Mart and I purchase a ticket online for SG$55 or about  Php1,815 (@Php33 exchange rate).

I left Malaysia at 10AM  and arrive at Singapore at 4PM .  The trip took longer because of  two European who was in the same bus as I am and were asked to pay customs tax for the two pckss of cigars they were carrying.   Where to eat/dine in Singapore? At the bus terminal in Singapore at  Golden Mile Center along Beach Road Singapore I met Dani where she took me to some hawker food stalls nearby.  She had me try them food she haven’t tried before!  This hawker area is very popular in Singapore if you are going there for a food trip this is one of their must-try places.

Day 3 Singapore

 Anthony Bourdaine visited this place too for one of his food adventure!

Day 3 Singapore1 I forgot what I ate ! But its somewhere around SG$4-5.00 and a cold milk tea for SG$2.-3.00, sorry I forgot it was Dani’s treat! We passed by her then parted at another bus stop .  I went for a short tour in Singapore alone riding a public utility bus!  I was suppose to meet Monique (a blogger friend who works there) but she was on duty the time so I had no choice but to roam alone .  FUN!   Where to go in Singapore? Sightseeing in Singapore/ Tourist Destinations  For SG$5.00 I think I covered most of the popular tourist destination in Singapore and had my photo opps with one of the most photographed place there, the Marina Bay area where the famous Merlion can be found. This is the same area where you can watch Singapore F1 Grand Prix live .   This year F1 Singapore Grand Prix will be held on September 23, 2011 to September 25, 2011!  I’m so excited to be there!

Day 3 Singapore2 Bus ride to tour around Singapore Day 3 Singapore3

I was able to do some sightseeing while inside the city bus

Its also where you can get a nice view of the Singapore airport with the awesome floating boat-like structure on top of a building!  Amazing. Day 3 Singapore4

Day 3 Singapore5 The Merlion at Marina Bay Singapore I almost missed my bus!  But Thank God for maps  I was able to go back to the Golden Mile center to catch my bus back to Malaysia in time.  Phew!   Unlike Manila, buses in Singapore are number coded and they only go to certain routes, if you ride a wrong numbered bus you will be taken to a different place and that will get you lost!  My bus left Singapore at 11PM and by 6AM I was in Malaysia again and freshened up in the hotel in Malaysia I was staying at before I went for another Malaysian city tour.

Singapore Marina Bay Merlion Statue

How about you, have you ever tried going on an out-of-the-country trip alone?  Which airline do you take for your trip?  Where do you usually book your hotel when travelling? Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. @ Jingkee ah that is a different kinda trip, that will take more courage and will. Working abroad is much different than just traveling. During this 4 day trip I was super homesick already and wish I was with the family. Its always fun to travel with your loved ones. This one is some kinda Eat, Pray, Love trip 🙂 kinda soul searching and stuff like that. My me time!

  2. When I was 21, I went to a foreign land alone. I started living an independent life at a young age, so I guess that’s why I was able to do it with less fear. At my age and status right now, I don’t think I would to travel alone. Of course, I want to be traveling with my hubby and daughter. Just perfect for extra fun, right? By the way what airline did you take going to Malaysia? What Malaysian Hotel do you recommend?

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